Wednesday 23 March 2016

Let Them Starve

Give a man a fish, he'll eat well for a day.
Teach a man to fish, he'll eat well for a lifetime.

And he won't be a parasite, sucking the money out of your wallet.

The greatest social ill in this world is the idea of charity.

My personal thought is that it was invented as a way to placate the masses of no-hoper pieces of shit. When they're fed and entertained they don't go and make problems for the rest of society - which is why the Romans used Bread and Circuses to placate the mob of useless mouths in Rome. At least it stopped them from rioting.

It also kicked the can of trouble farther down the road while breeding more no-hoper pieces of shit to cause even bigger problems later on.

"We starve! Feed us!"

Fuck off and die.

I've had some low-life pathetic crim attempt to rip me off. Funny as fuck. Scared the crap out of him when a naked guy came running out of the bedroom, grabbed a chunk of firewood, and started chasing him around the lounge. Out the damn window again PDQ. He landed with quite a thump on the outside concrete, hope he hurt himself.

Society, especially in the form of government, is too weak to force these pieces of shit to fend for themselves. Instead they practice stealth-theft from those who sweat for it, giving it to the lazy who hold out their hand for it.

Half of my income goes in various taxes.

Sure, I get roads and fire services and laws and police and the army and border patrol out of it.

(Though our roads are pretty-much shit, and the police and courts are overwhelmed with dealing with petty crap, and the army realistically couldn't stop a couple thousand immigrants armed with sharp sticks because the lefties would whine them to death, and the border control has massive problems keeping drugs and animal/insect pests outta the country.)

Water? I pay. Electricity? I pay. Gasoline? I pay (and am taxed extra). Medicine? I pay (despite the so-called free medical here in New Zealand).

Food and entertainment, I pay.

I even pay for the air I breathe, in the form of carbon taxes (which while I pay for it, they don't bother to really enforce).

I can enjoy walking down the beaches. That's free. Though in the case of major public beaches, they tend to be "swept" every couple of days - which I pay for. When it comes to nature reserves, parks and such - I pay for.

If so much of the taxes I paid did not go towards the useless, my taxes would be less. I would have a better quality of life. Everyone in New Zealand would have a better quality of life.

Instead I'm forced to support a large number of low-intelligence, stupid, unthinking people. The poor (who will almost invariably remain that), those with criminal tendencies (so that they don't go out stealing everything in sight), and freeloading single mommies who gleefully fuck up the single most important decision in their lives (children).

Of course, the government loves the poor. They can be bribed to vote (selfishly) by more free handouts and benefits, while the government hogs keep their snouts in the trough.

Force them to stand on their own two feet. Let them starve.


  1. It would be more humane to just shoot them. Starvation is a pretty lousy way to go.

    1. From personal experience, hunger/starvation is a great motivator to make someone go out and work.

      For those with a criminal bent, shooting them would happen naturally. Call it evolution in action.

    2. Home invasions are relatively rare in Texas. Darwin takes care of that. Speaking of Darwin, how about offering $2000 to anyone who wants to get himself/herself fixed? Or cut off the dole unless people get fixed? There are variations. I'm sure there is a way to solve the crackhead problem within a few generations. It would also prevent some of the hypergamy-inspired civilizational rot. Whenever a woman decides to cheat with some piece of shit because her husband is being too nice to her, the piece of shit would be firing blanks. The elites could cram this down the lefts' collective throat if they really wanted to. The reason they don't is because they want to breed a race of stupid, dependent pieces of shit who can be pitted against anyone for a few crumbs. Reverse eugenics.