Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Something to Think About

From Aurini. This shows a bit of the bullshit we Men have to deal with in life.
They talk about the losers of society, doing their dipshit best to fuck over everyone else - so that they (the losers) can feel entitled and empowered and of worth in this world..

The whole business of the SJWs and Leftists and Feminists and Marxists reminds me of something I read long ago. Sawing the bottom off the ladder and shifting it to the top. In other words: jobs for the boys.

In this case, jobs for the worthless.

Tonight I will have another sip of Grand Marnier, and muse about the idiocy of humanity. It is no wonder that the intelligent among us shake our heads and walk away from these types. The stupid are far too stupid to realize that they live only by the sufferance of civilization, which they enthusiastically shit upon and tear down at every opportunity.

Some call us losers who run away. They don't realize: we have no skin in the game. In fact our skin has been forcibly removed from the game, generally after we ourselves have been skinned alive. So now, why would we waste our time with their garbage? Life is far more interesting and fun than wasting our time by polishing a turd.

In the end it's still a fucking turd.

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