Wednesday 6 April 2022

Keep Your Head Down

A bit over a year since my last update, hahah.

Had the head down. There's reasons. Good ones.

Some of them involve family. Been a few deaths, more cancers, heart attacks, that sorta stuff. Amazingly I still seem to have my health. At my age too. Bit of a miracle.

Probably time for another check-up. Don't fucking tempt fate, eh?

More personally, old BPS has been head-down, arse-up, getting shit right'n'tight'n'untouchable as hell.

A chunk of good-sized land, some fruit trees on it, some wildlife, plenty of birds (including pheasants), plenty of places to fish. Still workin', of course. Enjoying life on my terms, at my pace. Not bothering much with chasing teh wimminz, they're full of greed'n'shit'n'drama.

Not bothering with most people actually. Most of the ones that you can meet are pretty-much useless, shit'n'drama types. The ones a bit like me, well, they tend to stay by themselves. You don't meet us much.

As to why to the getting it all done right - when you get to the point of being worth a couple million, a sensible person doesn't flash it around. 'Cause that attracts every money-hungry slag for a couple hundred kilometers. Claws crooked and grasping, the eternal whine of "pay attention to meeeee!".

Fuck that's shrill.

Since I don't like my ears raped with endless crying and whining and demands, and I especially don't want to be dealing with someone else's womb-turds - or getting trapped by someone who wants a womb-turd with me, so that they can control me (they think) - it's best to stay away from the non-professionals.

Like Steven Seagal said once: "You pay whores to go away." When you're done, of course.

Eventually the urges will all slow down. Hell, I'm pushing 56 - it's amazing that I don't need a bloody pill or something to perform. Of course, having them young'n'hot'n'different every time helps. They're new and you're not attached. Keep it thataways.

If you *must* do something long-term, make sure that she's:

1/ sane (hahahahah!)

2/ has something worthwhile besides tits'n'ass (aka money)

The very few times that I run into the inquisitive aka nosy bitches who want to evaluate if I'm worth being around I just laugh and shake my head at their questions.

For the guys, I just snort and say "I pay someone else's mortgage". Which is true enough, though the "someone else" is a Trust. I leave it at that. Not that I don't trust 'em, I simply know that teh wimminz will somehow worm the information outta the poor bastards. So if they don't know, they can't accidentally pass it on to some cunt on the prowl for her next victim.

I'm pretty-sure that a couple other guys get the idea. Preening your feathers for teh wimminz is a good way to end up as a plucked chicken. Which sure as fuck ain't enjoyable. Especially at my age.

Remember. Go and enjoy life, brothers. Don't be a plucked chicken.

For me, it's time to take a chainsaw and axe and chunk up a few deadfalls. Preparing for a nice fire on a winter evening and a good bottle of Grand Marnier - life doesn't get much better.

Black Poison Soul


  1. 'Bout time you surfaced you bastard. Thought the STASI or GESTAPO or whatever Horseface's bully bois caught up with you. I referenced you here quite a bit today BTW. Stay well and undercover Fren.

    1. Thankfully ole-horseface looks like she's on the outs. Not due to the way that she's handled the epidemic though - due to the "economic policy" fucking over the poor people.

      'Course I might be wrong. The poor people are by definition stupid, else they wouldn't be poor, and they couldn't then have their fuckin' votes bought by subsidies. <_<

  2. Need to look for the 5 F's
    Faith, family, food, fun, friends. Is she a Christian. Is she family oriented. Can and does she cook. Does she laugh and look a silver lining. Does she have friends that you can get along with and can she get along with your friends

    1. As Heya down below said - Christianity (or any particular religion) does not automatically make someone a good person.

      My brother was married to a Christian woman. Same shit, different day.

  3. "Preening your feathers for teh wimminz is a good way to end up as a plucked chicken... Go and enjoy life, brothers. Don't be a plucked chicken."

    That's poetry right there. I'm going to use it on the boy next time he's over. Not that he needs it. Everything I told him about the evil girlfriend has come to pass.

    Pain is instructive sometimes. Sad that they can't listen to geezers like us and avoid it.

    1. It's kinda hard to learn from the elder'n'wiser when everyone else (including your hormones) is screaming "go wife up that hoe, she's worth it!" at full volume. It's a rare one who does listen.

      Doesn't help that society is deliberately saying that the older'n'wiser (often through bitter experience) are old fuddy-duddy's who don't know shit, everything has changed, etc etc etc.

      When we refuse to learn from history - hopefully we learn as you say, through personal pain.

  4. "Is she a Christian"?

    Christians have the same divorce rate as the general public.

    That doesn't work.

    Thanks for the post, BP.

  5. Have to agree with you BPS. Once you invite them in it is just understood that everything you have is now theirs. Would kind of feel a little embarrassed insisting on a marriage contract for my 11 year old Subaru but hey. Living alone, in the long run, really beats being lonesome (which is a lot different than being lonely) and can be tolerated for many years. Never did believe that single men have a lower life expectancy than the married chaps.

    1. It's swept under the carpet these days. It's not politically correct to show that "hey, people who aren't stressed out and worked to death and nagged to and inch of their lives live longer and happier lives".

      But no. It's better "for the childreeeen" - aka her womb turds, who might not necessarily be yours.

      They sure as hell locked down on me when I exposed the "inconvenient truth" that statistically these days, 94% of marriages end up in divorce within 10 years. Which is 10 years of your blood, sweat and tears wasted on some hoe who can and will fuck off at any time - for "reasons" aka because she felt like it.

  6. Bardelys the Magnificent8 April 2022 at 13:01

    Welcome back, captain. Good to see you alive and kickin'.