Tuesday 5 November 2013

People Are Stupid

I'm gonna say this right up front: everyone is fucking stupid. I don't exempt myself. What I do try to do is improve myself each day, in some manner.

Most people will not. They prefer their mediocre and mindless entertainments to doing anything truly interesting. This means that it's not actually that hard to become more interesting, in various ways.

On the whole though: the herd, the masses, are blindingly stupid.

Sadly, stupidity breeds - while the truly intelligent don't.

Take higher education. Once, it was a place to learn critical thinking and the like. Now it's a bastion of brainwashing and PC bullshit and sucking the livelihood of those foolish enough to major in worthless junk.

I am actually glad that I did not have my brain polluted by that crap.

Now this leaves a major problem: democracy is ruled by people who cater to the moronic masses. Brainwashed feminists, stupid and unthinking white-knights, they've all drunk the kool-aid of "intellectualism". The reality is that they've been well-programmed to spout the party line and well-versed in the techniques to crush the attempts at independent thought brought up by those less-well-trained.

So this leaves us with a problem. While we cater to the moronic masses, the truly smart people are stuck. They have great difficulty (ie no fucking chance) of actually implementing anything of use, while the bread-and-circuses brigade swings into high gear.

Western civilisation is not only doomed, it's knowingly going down the path to the hangman's noose.

The faster the better, I think.

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