Thursday 21 November 2013

Breaking Expectations

Yeah all right, normally I don't post much in the "game experiences" line. This happened today, thought that I might as well share. Especially when I just wrote it up in the comments at Rational Male.

My normal image is reserved, serious IT type.

Girl at work today wearing a t-shit from a cement company: “Rock hard in no time”. I’m busting her chops, “it’s all about the sex” – “no, it’s a cement mixing company!” – “a likely story, we’re not reading that – you can’t hide it, it’s all about the sex!"

She’s laughing her head off all the time. Totally wasn't expecting that and she was enjoying it.

“What’re you doing tonight, man about the town?”

“I’m gonna get in the pimpmobile, gonna cruise around looking for some hoes. Play DMX ‘What these bitches want from a nigga’ at 120-decibels.” She’s laughing her ass off and I tell her again “see it’s all about the sex!”

Girl has a partner. Has had for years. All of a sudden, I come out with all of that - call it unexpected nigger-game if you want - and she's giggling like a teenager.

Break a woman's expectations sometimes. Like I used to break my ex-wife's, and it'd turn her on - because she doesn't expect that kind of thing from you. The staleness and same-old-same-old of your relationship has suddenly been shattered.

Note, of course, that even her having a partner for several years - it turned her on. I could have escalated with ease, she was open to it. Poisonous, no? Good thing that I don't fish off the company pier.

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