Monday 30 March 2015

The Only Value It Ever Had

Ran across this from the boys over at /r/MGTOW:
Yes indeed, the only value it ever had.


  1. lol biokunts ...

    The creation of the mass transfer of wealth from, millions of desperate men forced into celibacy by christian churches & biokunts ...

    Created the mass exploitation & slave rings used by women, to asset rape & enslave millions of men on a massive scale

    Marriage's & weddings are really criminal slave rings used by women to enslave millions of men

    If there were no easy mass revenue streams from enslaving men through marriage, there would be no entitled women, no female kkk female supremacy movements, no biokunts, no raging pieces of shit called modern women

    We would have our women back, traditions & countries set back on path, instead of the path of destruction christians have led us to ....

    1. But, subtlety. That's the key - women have lost their subtlety.

      When it's a sub-rosa enslavement then the process is fine, men get to roam on their leash more and have the illusion of freedom. Now men are on a choke-chain.

  2. Eh? How disappointing that robo-waifu is. 3D printing for anatomical exactitude, less metal scaffolding (too heavy) and more carbon fiber based, silicone covering over kevlar mesh, human-like facial expressions and gestures.... It's not 1.0, nor even an early beta. :)

    1. Supposedly you can get some seriously-good 3d anatomical printing done for things like faces and body-parts, seriously humanlike.

      Give it another 5 years and the Japanese will probably bring out the first $100k robo-hooker. Given that the take-home income should be something like $120+k a year - more since there is no need for sleep and only maintenance is required - the ROI should be exceptional, allowing a small-sized brothel to break-even within a year.

      "I'd like to rent a green-eyed Samantha model for a half-hour, please. The default black hair is fine. No chit-chat desired, straight to business."

    2. I'd rather not share my toothbrush. A similar case here.

    3. I'd rather have my own toothbrush and robo-waifu too heh.