Wednesday 11 March 2015

Worthless Grandparents

In my post on the Fuck'n'Chuck Generation, I stated about our Grandparents:
  • being useless pieces of selfish shit who raised both the father and mother above (the general uselessness and sins of the grandparents being passed down to their grandchildren - with more generations to go)
It's actually a systemic problem which has occurred over several generations, each succeeding generation seemingly getting worse. It appears to have really hit hard at the time of the Baby Boomers (aka the Me Generation, the self-indulgent nongs who embraced flower-power and free love and hippiedom). Here are the Generations roughly defined (source):
  • The Greatest Generation - these are the generations that experienced World War II. They are further split into: the G.I. Generation (born 1901-1924) and the Silent Generation (born 1925-1945). The G.I. Generation either fought in WWII or kept the home fires burning, the Silent Generation were the children who grew up during the war.
  • The Baby Boomers - this is the generation that was born after WWII (born 1946-1964). They experienced space exploration and the first "counterculture".
  • Generation X - these are the generations that experienced the Vietnam War and Cold War. They are further split into: the Baby Busters (born 1965-1980) and the MTV/Boomerang Generation (born 1975-1985).
  • Generation Y - this generation experienced the rise of the information age, the internet, the War on Drugs, Iraq, and rising gas and food prices (born 1978-1995).
  • Generation Z - this generation experienced the rise of the information age, the internet, various bubbles, and digital globalization (born 1995-2007).
The Grandparents who were worthless basically were the Baby Boomers. In some instances (mine) my Grandparents, members of the Greatest Generation, were not that flash either: my Grandparents ended up divorced too. My mother, a member of the Baby Boomers, was one selfish piece of shit who lucked out on her third try:
  1. a single mommy (child given up for adoption)
  2. married and divorced a criminal (after two children)
  3. finally married a small-time businessman (with his brood of 4 children from a piece-of-shit woman)
On top of that she's still a selfish, whining piece of shit who hates how her life has gone. Instead of being grateful for that third try, which got her out of the shit single-/divorced-mommy trap she was in, she whines about hubby a lot. People who cannot see how fucking good they have it are fucking pathetic.

I was going to expand more upon how worthless these various Grandparents of the generations really were. Then I ran across this recent post from which states it far better than I can:

Kill the Boomers

In his post he explains exactly how selfish the Baby Boomers really are, the techniques of leftism that they used to hijack society, and how they slammed the social door upon their own children and every generation to come.

Some highlights:
It is significant that they emerged from the victorious powers of the Second World War. Generally when a child grows up with no consequences for his action and yet a sense of great entitlement, we call him a brat. The term “brats” is not often enough applied to the prolonged tantrum [My emphasis. - BPS] that was the 1960s, in which the children of the war revenged themselves on their parents by taking the philosophies those parents claimed to uphold and throwing them back at them.
The entire Baby Boomer mentality is one of finding exceptions and, using those to claim the invalidity of the philosophy that opposes whatever the Boomers desire, creating a justification that allows them to seize power. If you do not support freedom for everyone (it helps to slowly enunciate each syllable in this word to emphasize its importance) then you are bad, and the new generation should take over.
Now this is where my Generation takes a beating around the head'n'shoulders:
Generation X grew up thinking that the best thing they could do was to recapitulate the hippie era by acting out the ritual: drugs, sex, rebellion and then - just as the hippies did - cutting the hair, getting jobs and retreating to the suburbs from the broken-down society the hippie ideals had created.
This also strikes deeply - many have stated that Feminism is an extended infantile tantrum (see above also):
In addition to wanting complete personal liberation, which was a fit of pique [My emphasis. - BPS] at their parents, the Me generation formulated one other agenda. They wanted to close the door to all who followed. Like most radical individualists, they engaged in a combination of narcissism and solipsism which actively denied the world outside themselves except as it could be used for the benefit of themselves. Society existed to be the canvas upon which they painted their bright and beautiful existence. 
Selfish much? Familiar much? It gets way better:
As parents, the Me generation provided a paint-by-numbers example of how to utterly fail. Most divorced, and left their kids wondering if their own conception had not been a mistake; those who did not manipulated their children relentlessly, setting them up to fail and then using that failure as a justification to re-program their lives toward Baby Boomer objectives, which as always are to use ideology as a shield for the personal quest for power. They were narcissistic parents who hid their child abuse behind so many labyrinthine passages of logic that Generation X grew up baffled, belittled and most of all accustomed to instability. If Generation X has a symbol, it is the child’s bedroom with a door that locks; after the terror of the Boomers, they wanted nothing more than to retreat and have a space of their own to be inconsequential, mainly because their damaged brains and psyches needed time to figure themselves out.
So there we were, Generation X, repeating in a shell-shocked unthinking manner the narcissistic patterns of our fucked-up parents. With these two examples, no wonder Gen-Y and Gen-Z are so fucked up. We all followed the patterns we were shown, like good little robots, and passed them on:
Baby Boomers created hell in their wake. Narcissistic individuals tend to shut the door this way because to them, everyone but the self, and those who provide that canvas to make the self seem to be an angel of enlightenment, is an ideological enemy. To the Boomers, their children were the enemy. What if those children found enlightenment the Boomers did not? What if they did not agree with the 1968 agenda? Those were the worst children of all, and the best way to punish them was to create a trap, much as Baby Boomers were accustomed to setting up their children to fail and then seizing power when the children failed, much as the Boomers seized power when the Establishment had no answer to its new calls for peace, equality and freedom. All of these were justifications; the real goal was revenge, in destroying the world of their parents and those who followed after them. In short, to obliterate, erase, eradicate, pollute, corrupt, sabotage and vitiate everything but the Self. Baby Boomers saw themselves alone and for this reason they ran to ideas which “seemed” to be the opposite, such as egalitarianism, and used them as weapons.
In fact it looks like there were five generations (so far) involved in the bloody mess, counting my Grandparents (most other people's great- and sometimes great-great-grandparents). Read the entire thing and have a think about it. Read the comments too, they're very interesting.

Myself, I think it's time for the gym. At least I can work on improving myself, even if I don't think that there's any way to fix this fucked-over broken system that we've all had the misfortune to be brought into.

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