Saturday 14 March 2015

Women's Self-Delusions Coming Apart

So feminasty Jessica Valenti, of "I Bathe In Mens Tears" t-shirt fame, got caught going full-retard. It happens all the time. JudgyBitch caught her out and gave her a (very mild) ass-raping:

Jessica Valenti coughs up a ball of full retard

I think the mildness of JB's response is because of two things: 1/ JB tries to stay classy (unlike most women out there), and 2/ Jessica is another woman - it's an unconscious pulling of the punches with a fellow-member of Team Woman™. Even if you loathe them.

The strange thing about Jessica Valenti is - that this is not a strange thing. Feminists go full-retard all the time. Hell, many women go full-retard all the time and just about all go semi-retard all the time - it's what makes us men wonder if (or conclude that) they're morons.

When a girl goes full-retard it's basically a case of Female Doublethink and self-delusions coming apart at the seams. She can no longer keep the lies straight, her justifications go all wonky, she says contradictory things, and she ends up coming across as a complete fucking loon. (Of course, most people will give her the Pussy Pass™ for it. JB is an exception, even though her evisceration is mild.)

What's the process that's happening here?

Imagine a bank vault door in Jessica's head. Behind that door is swept all the crazy bullshit and lies that she has to keep straight, plus all the self-delusional rationalizations which she can't allow herself to think about consciously. This is all the lies that she's told herself so that she can live with herself - rather than cutting along the dotted line. It rots down into a pool of festering, moldering sludge and shit.

Then it rots through the bottom of the safe and starts leaking, like a drum of toxic waste. After all, nobody said the floor was as good as the damn door.

This is what causes her to go full retard, spazzing around like a lunatic, dribbling out sound-bites of insanity and hatred. Depending on what's in the pool of sludge and bubbles to the surface in the moment. (Gotta suck, having a direct brain-to-mouth-no-filter-in-between situation - maybe she needed more beating as a child.)

Now we have to admit, most women don't get to the full-retard state. The toxicity of the pool of sludge varies. Perhaps 1% (at most) would be generally okay with very little crap going on in their pretty little heads. These'll be the very few genuinely high quality girls that you run across.

The remainder - well, they're the airheads and retards that end up in the fuck'n'chuck / pump'n'dump social situation commonly referred to as the cock carousel. The sludge has eaten through their brains, leaving them as selfishly-entitled fuckwits who just don't get it.

They aren't (quite) as fucked up as Jessica Valenti, though. She's an advanced case. Extreme, even.

Jessica: you bathe in mens tears? To the point of going full-retard?

I sip women's tears. It adds savor to the schadenfreude that I enjoy with my Grand Marnier.

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