Friday 6 March 2015

Female Entitlement - St Patrick's Day Edition

Okay, so St Patrick's Day is 17th of March - a Tuesday.

Several of the girls are having a little talk about it in the smoko room. To paraphrase:

Her: It's a Tuesday, that night I'll be out having some fun. Wednesday, I'm going to not be coming in. Will just say it's a little stomach bug.

You could smell the smugness in that statement. Overtly stated in the smoko room, where both men and women were gathered around.

Even better: a chorus of approval ("good on you", "you go girl") from the female brigade, with silence from the men's brigade. We know who'll be picking up the bloody slack for this self-entitled cunt.

1 comment:

  1. Taking sick days when you are not sick is fraud, pure and simple. Sure, everyone does it - but honest people have the grace to be a little ashamed of it.