Friday 20 March 2015

Redonkulas on MGTOW

The most concise explanation of MGTOW that I've seen to date:
Covers all the basics.

Right from the beginning Terrence Popp states:
If you come out and say you're a MGTOW, the Feminists are going to attack you in several ways using shame and blame.

Like my last post about never explaining anything to a woman.
Feminism gets its power from sex. MGTOW is a threat because they take that power away. And you can't oppress what you can't screw. Winning!


Also good is his sliding-scale of what MGTOW are, from full ghosting through to PUA.
With the Feminists you either totally accept whatever they have to say, or they label you as a hate group. To them, hate really equals disagreement with their bullshit. 
For you to hate, you actually have to care. And these guys, they're like me man, the "I don't care" light went on a long time ago and they're moving forward at "I don't give a fuck" speed.
There's a lot more. If there's someone that you think is ready for it (ie starting to go that way already) then spin this their way.

Watch and enjoy!

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