Thursday 26 March 2015

Establish Those Boundaries

Over on Return of Kings, an article by Troy Francis:

Girls Are Fundamentally Lazy

While superficially the article is about how girls are lazy - totally true - underneath, it's about how the author got a little too busy with his book and work. Rather than go through the efforts of finding another hoe every few weeks, he let things develop more than he should have with one girl. Effectively he fucked up and lost control of his relationship with a narcissistic little whore - what the PUAs call "losing frame".

I strongly suggest reading the article, it's a good one. Now let's dive into it and pull out the guts. In the article he states:
All of this came to a head for me at the weekend when B stayed over at my flat. I’ve been seeing B since the beginning of the year, and she has become my primary girl almost by default, although she is hot, scoring well against all my personal requirements: twenty-three, very slim, long legs, long hair, great facial bone structure, Polish. 
B stayed with me on Saturday night. B woke up feeling lazy on Sunday morning. B called up her waitress job and told them she had a temperature. I want to stay here with you. Fine, baby, but I need to work. That’s OK — I won’t disturb you. [This is where he started slipping up. - BPS] 
I sat down at the computer. I am editing a novel at the moment — a process which requires concentration and, ideally, solitude. B lay in bed and ate toast. B painted her toenails. B called a friend and had an animated ten minute conversation in Polish. B watched an episode of Gossip Girl. Finally, B had a crying jag and told me she couldn’t trust me.
There is so much wrong in those three paragraphs. The first one alone shows that he's thinking more with his dick than his head. Apologies Troy, you know inside that it's the damn truth.

I put up a response as follows:
All women suck up time and energy. Theirs, yours, someone else's - it simply depends on what they think they can get away with. If you're busy for whatever reason - say, deadlines or you're behind on learning something - they start getting antsy and pissy because they don't like that they aren't #1 in your universe.
Then the drama begins.
The one you've got seems basically to be an airhead, fairly typical good-looking narcissistic hoe. It sounds like you've let her get too close because you've been busy with your book. Reason I say this: she feels entitled to have a dramatic crying jag and blame it on you, when you're in the process of trying to work.
1/ "I want to stay today with you." <--- all about meeeee screw you and your plans
2/ Eats toast in bed <--- attention-getting
3/ Paints toenails <--- attention-getting
4/ Has conversation in Polish <--- attention-getting
5/ Watched bullshit TV soap-opera <--- attention-getting
6/ Has crying-jag because she can never trust you <--- attention-got, validated! Wee!
She wanted your attention. I'm picking that it was a low-key escalation of background noise until she could throw a fake fit to get your attention. She got it. You didn't drop-kick her ass outta the room for attempting to start that shit that would ultimately waste your time and effort. You let it reach it's conclusion. [A conclusion he should have seen coming a mile away. He got lazy. - BPS]
Seriously, once you've let her get away with that, you've just fucked yourself relationship-wise with her. You know this.
I'm not pulling the "dollars before hoes" Alpha thing. I'm pulling the "this cunt has a fundamental disrespect for you that's only gonna get worse" thing. Because you didn't squash that behavior the instant it started. You didn't say no right from the beginning. You didn't establish that firm boundary that you have stuff to do that needs privacy. [Remember my article about personal time and space being golden for men? 100% pure example right there, from a non-married man. - BPS]
She now feels entitled to push the boundaries even more. If you attempt to backtrack and establish those firm boundaries: cue more drama, fake fits, et-fucking-cetera. It's all about her now.
I think my response pretty-much states it all. He let the camel get it's head in the tent. He lost control of the relationship. He didn't set a crucial boundary, now she's gonna try and walk all over him any time she can. Let the drama and horseshit ensue - moreso once he finally becomes pissed off enough to dump the cunt.

Scarcely any kind of high-class woman this one. Just another narcissistic whore who got what she wanted. Because she has a shape and face and fucks good.

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  1. The Black Knight26 March 2015 at 08:34

    Hard to feel sorry for PUAs. This is exactly the kind of women they attract with their peacock displays and "game". And they want you to pay to read their e-book advice? LOL

    1. I feel sorry for 'em only from the point of view that they're still young and still feel that urge to prove their manhood via fucking some hot chick. When you're young and peer-/socially-inclined that can be quite understandable. This is why young guys do the high-five thing when you're fucking "hottie Jennifer" - you just got socially validated via the woman you're fucking. Pussy is the Queen that makes a man the King in a young man's social life.

      I've had that happen inadvertently a couple years ago. At 46 I went off with a young hottie (24) for a bit over half an hour. Next day, a workmate who happened to be around at the time high-fived me. Wasn't expecting that at all.

      Eventually, I guess, even the PUAs become more MGTOW-inclined. This is what one of the other commentors on here was talking about once. This is what makes me think of 'em somewhat like a younger brother - so long as they're not too fucked up and don't screw me over so they can get their dick into a wet hole. It's like what Terrence Popp said in his "What is MGTOW?" video - the sliding scale from full Ghost to MGTOW to PUA. You can move along it with time.

      Even RooshV was giving indications of some MGTOW mindset himself. Even he's getting a bit jaded with clowning for these slores, just for some sex - then rinse and repeat.

      Of course, as you say, we gotta ask ourselves what's the angle. Paying for e-book advice indeed! That's something that's totally unnecessary with the free advice out here. Always good to keep in mind, given the category of shaming tactics that was coming from some parts of the Manosphere - brought because of potential loss of revenue stream. Glad I figured that out eventually.

      (Aside: I really need to dig through the comments on here more, there's stuff I've missed which deserves answers and thinking/talking about. Time!)

  2. Agreed, he should never have let her stay post bang, just as he should leave post bang if he is at her place rather than hang around.

  3. Other point is that this person was not able to entertain herself quietly for a few hours. She had no inner resources.

    1. Most women are like that. Its why they demand that men jump through hoops and have the mindset of "entertain me".