Saturday 14 March 2015

Sub-Rosa Prostitution

UncleBob has an interesting post about something that I've seen doing the rounds recently:

Bachelor Nation: 70% of men aged 20-34 are not married

I haven't bothered to post on it myself. Too much of a rehash of old information - and I hate repeating myself too much. It makes me worry that I'm treating people as if they were subnormal when you definitely aren't.

However, while I was reading it again - something occurred to me. I posted it in UncleBob's comments, here it is quoted:
New Report: 48% of First Children Born to Unwed Mothers
That is from 2013. Given that this somehow made it to the mainstream news back then, we can pretty-much figure that it was underreported at the time - the media does toe the line about some things. It being 2 years on, I do not for an instant believe that it is under 50% now.
These single mommies are whores, pure and simple. No, they may not get paid directly and upfront for their bodies in a simplistic transaction: no $100 love you long time here. They must maintain plausible deniability.
Instead they expect to be paid sub-rosa in the coin of: dinners, drinks, nights out, romantic escapes, vacations, and "I've come up a little short for X bill, can you help me?" With a guilty look on her face.
When they get knocked up: government handouts and child-support, plus moral validation and ego-stroking for being a brave, battling single mommy. This appears to be the lifestyle of the modern long-term whore. There is no surprise that 70% of younger men are not married.
I find it bleakly amusing and ironic the furor about prostitution, in the face of this sub-rosa and very profitable long-term prostitution. The sub-rosa whores are upset about the more honest and upfront whores. If the men start using the more honest and upfront whores, the sub-rosa whores lose out.
I begin to think that the whole bushwa about how women "can't find a man" and the decline of men, etc is nothing more than a smokescreen. If a woman really wants a man and marriage - she'd get it. By throwing up a smokescreen and shedding crocodile tears they can maintain plausible deniability, play the victim card, <i>and</i> get their sub-rosa prostitution game-plan all at the same time.
Plus, women love any excuse for drama and bitching.
Think it over, If this is the unconscious MO of modern women - and it actually looks somewhat plausible - then society is in for one helluva shakeup if/when that knowledge goes mainstream.

Remember: this doesn't have to be a conscious thing. On the surface can be honest Female Best Intentions. Underneath that layer is Female Doublethink and Self-Deceit. Plus there's the hidden Lies Women Tell Themselves so that they can live with their actions without slitting their own wrists (or accidentally giving away the game to men).

So, am I seriously thinking that there is some overarching conspiracy of people (women and mangina's) setting this up? No. As I said once before, I don't believe in that tinfoil hat crap. It's more likely that three selfish bastards named Tom, Dick, and Harry are taking advantage of the situation that they see to make a buck. With women as a whole going along with it because it's nice and "it's for the children" (underneath the doublethought is: "I can benefit from this if I get unlucky", which is only a short step to go to a full-on "I'm going to take advantage of this").

So back to that comment: hmmm. It's got a kind of creepy plausibility to it. Unconscious. Sub-rosa. A little bit of selfish doublethink going through the heads of many, many million women - and it actually looks kinda possible.

It might actually be something that's kinda happening, accidentally coming into being, by a strange default. While we are turning our backs on women, and the PUAs are fuck'n'chucking women, and the MRAs are trying to make things "fairer" with regards to women. The MRAs especially might want to have a close look at the possible path they may end up going down.

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