Monday 2 March 2015

Disregard Society

You can basically figure that 99+% of society is bullshit.

It's a very simple observation, plain enough if you're willing to actually open your eyes and look at it even semi-cynically. If one person is supposed to act in X-manner and gets crapped on if they try to do something else, while another person is allowed to act in whatever manner they choose without any consequences - there is one hell of an imbalance there.

Especially if Person #2 gets held up as a shining example of wonderfulness, no matter what crap they might happen to do or come out with. Especially if Person #2 gets given the get-out-of-jail-free card "just because" they are Person #2. Especially if Person #1 is expected to support Person #2 no matter what.

Imbalances get taken advantage of. Either deliberately and with thought (often in games, I've done it many times myself - in fact I like to look for the crack where I can insert the crowbar and twist) and sometimes accidentally as opportunity presents itself.

Am I saying that society was set up deliberately this way as some kind of overarching plan? No - I don't believe in that kind of tinfoil hat bullshit. General stupidity and greed is way more likely the culprit than deliberate malice and machinations and some oogie-boogie overall plan. 'Cause in my view people just ain't smart enough overall to come up with a plan to deliberately cause this bullshit to come into being over several generations.

What I do think is that there was some basic opportunism which happened. Things were noted, were enhanced, were built upon, were taken advantage of, etc. One card stacked upon the next, and the next, and the next - until the entire stack is as shaky as hell and just needs a few more cards placed on top in weird-ass places to unbalance things more. Then it'll require only a tiny little tremor to set off the chain-reaction of everything falling-in socially.

So where does this leave us? With a system that is basically broken as-is. I personally think that it's too damn difficult - probably impossible - to try to fix the system to something better ("fairer"? hah!). I don't think that there's a hope in hell of rolling it back to the more original, non-fucked system. Especially when Person #2 has a sub-rosa vested interest in the status-quo, if not fucking it up more. So what can I do about this?

I can say "screw it" and go do my own thing.

I can disregard society as a whole, leave it hanging and swinging in the wind. Eventually it'll kick itself to death. Especially if a whole lot of other disgruntled people look at it, roll their eyes, and say "screw it - I wonder if the fish are biting".

If there's nothing holding it up, it'll fall down of it's own accord. Especially if the more bloody-minded and angry People #1 types give it a couple of departing kicks in the appropriate places on their way to the fishing-hole. Knock out some of the very few remaining props. Suddenly kaboom, smash, thump, and a mess of cards everywhere with loads of People #2 looking around dazed and stupid.

"Hey, what happened?"

"You were stupid damn sheep and broke it. Now do you wanna try something a bit more workable - or would you rather cut your own wrists instead?"

I wouldn't be surprised if a good number of them just slit their own wrists. So many of these stupid damn sheep are too proud and unbending for their own good. (You could say the same for People #1 too - although #1 is generally the powerless screwee where #2 is generally the empowered screwer. All that #1 can realistically manage is to do is do their best to avoid #2 as much as possible.)

Either way the problem gets solved.

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