Tuesday 3 June 2014

Your Voice

Free Northerner provides a graphic illustration of the futility of debating with leftist retards. I give him kudos for doing it at all, and he himself admits that it was ultimately a waste of time - even though he enjoyed doing it. I'll admit that it was amusing to see the opposite side attempting to shame the man - and in the attempt, show that they were completely clueless socially. Perfectly illustrated by their reframing/irrelevancy attempts.

The problem with debating with a brainless retard (Fucktard Futrelle in this case) is that even if you win, you are still debating with a brainless retard. These people are actually random nobodies on the internet and not worth your time in the slightest. If you choose to attempt this type of debating, the best you can manage is to stay on point for the debate and refuse to let them reframe it, derail it, or bring up irrelevancies.

Thinking it through, much of this bullshit with the moronic lefties is because the internet provides utter morons with a voice. Yep, they can talk and be heard. You're still debating a nobody who is a completely retarded moron. (An amusing thought-experiment: ask them what their IQ is. When they come out with it, look disgusted and say: "Fuck is that all? Why the hell am I even attempting to communicate with somebody so far below my level? Sheeeeeit!")

In the old days if you wanted a voice, you had to prove that your voice was worth listening to. These days with the internet, the bar to entry is extremely low. I have to say that in my opinion: Twitter is not the best place to do it. It's a brainless sound-byte medium which I have had the greatest pleasure in avoiding.

Now here is the extra irony: here I am trashing the medium that I use to get my own voice across. The barrier to entry is so low that I decided to use it one day. By extension, the entire Manosphere et-al is tarred with the same brush. It's hard to filter out the voices of (potential) sanity in an endless sea of shit.

You have to laugh at these little ironies in life. Everyone requires a good sense of the ridiculous.

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