Thursday 12 June 2014

Feminism Revealed

From a local rag, the foolish fashion of feminism is revealed:

"Feminism & Fashion" - an oxymoron of course. Let's deconstruct this stupidity.

• short and unfeminine hair

• rictus grimace mouth (never learned to smile)

• chain padlocked around throat (can anything be more eloquent of a desire to be chained up and treated like a dog)

• sloppy and ugly shirt (with incitement to violence)

• sloppy and ugly pants

• hands arrogantly in pockets

• mannish aggressive body-language

The overall effect is a large "up yours" to all looking at her.

Of course, feminists need men like fish need bicycles - thus the oxymoron of them having any kind of fashion or fashion sense. The only reason for fashion is to dress to attract a man, which their fishy selves do not need at all.

Therefore the only real reason for them to have any form of fashion is so they can enrich the parasites who tell them how they should dress and act. Women especially seem to be herd-animals, even (especially?) feminists. Thus this stupidity writ large.

Sadly it's their own hating selves that are wasting their lives enriching others. Their own blood, sweat and tears dribbled away for a mess of pottage.

Feminism, just another religion. Like the Manosphere is it's religious antithesis.

Thou shalt envy, hate and denigrate the opposite sex.
Thou shalt treat the opposite sex like shit at all times.
Thou shalt worship the cock and vagina.
Thou shalt practise any degenerate sexuality that catches your fancy.
Thou shalt waste the fruits of thy efforts on worthless things and worthless people.
Thou shalt lie at all times, especially to thyself.
Thou shalt grow a bloated ego based upon nothing of worth.
Thou shalt chase money endlessly.
Thou shalt ignore reality in favor of emotions.
Thou shalt enjoy these degenerate times without common sense, thought or mindfulness.

These rules apply to both sexes. Truly poisonous when you think it over a bit.

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