Monday 23 June 2014

Cult vs PUA

Cults use a technique known as "love bombing" to entice members into the fold. In simple terms it is overwhelming people with affection. They effectively "drug" their targets with love, admiration, validation, affection, flattery, intense attention, responsiveness, and sexual and non-sexual touching. They feed the ego of even the mildest narcissistic by hanging onto their every word, creating a sense of instant rapport, connection and intimacy.

Everybody is of course at least mildly narcissistic in this day and age, constantly being trained and pandered to so that they make nice little machines for propaganda to work on. Remember also that to a narcissist, any attention is good attention. Whether it is from the Nice Guy who does things for her to the bad boy she craves for sex; whether it is being treated as a queen through to having a screaming row with her boyfriend of the moment to getting beaten to a pulp by the man she "just can't bring herself to leave".

The seductive techniques of the Cultist, the PUA, the Vamp, the Lothario, the Bad Boy. All a cynical use of another's emotions for their own gain. All startlingly similar. All of these abusers play to your ego needs. All of these narcissists suck the last drop of pain that they can from you, before the discarding and moving on to the next victim.

Love bomb. Love is a drug we crave, one that makes us feel wonderful. Like any other drug, it is addictive. It's the only drug pushed unceasingly by the mainstream media and society as a whole. "True Love", "The One", "Soul Mates", etc.

We swallow it whole, have withdrawal symptoms, etc because society has taught us unceasingly that we require/deserve it. Us men can do without it better because we are also taught to suck it up and deal with loneliness. Women not so much, thus the general wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Thoroughly poisonous and dangerous. Are you now forewarned enough?

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