Monday 30 December 2013

New Year PostSecret

The final one of the year, let us see what we have in store.

Put a ring on that whore's finger! This guy is fucked in the head and in life.

A rare moment of weirdness. Never mind, take a pill and you'll soon be back to chasing that shit again.

Pining for the unattainable #1.

Pining for the unattainable #2.

Pining for the unattainable #3.

Secret internet fattie in the making.

Pining for the unattainable #4. It still eats you up, so you tried for some sex-tourism. It didn't fill the hole.

Hard to tell if she feels dirty-good or dirty-bad.

Creativity requires madness, when you Prozac it away...

Yep. Expect the backlash/crash to start within 2 years, maybe 1 year.

Women only have frenemies. For the so-called "gregarious" sex, they are chronically alone amongst women and incapable of relating to men.

I predict Eat-Pray-Love for this marriage, followed by cats.

Entrapment into marriage.

Try me instead of fantasising, slut.

Whining powerless victim mentality.

Pining for the unattainable #5 - Alpha achievement unlocked.

Hard to tell if this one is sent by a girl or guy. If girl: pining for the unattainable #6. If guy: pathetic maggot.

Difficult to categorise, seems like someone lucked out in the Hypergamy stakes. At least for the moment.

Have a restful New Year, don't be afraid to slap-a-ho if she needs it. This is a good time of year to find another, they're always out there on the prowl - especially at this time.

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