Monday 16 December 2013

Pay me the money, honey

You see the female imperative everywhere, hidden in just about every nook and cranny in the world. Case in point: driving to work this morning, a poster stuck on a bus shelter. "Are you man enough to stop violence against women?"

Ubiquitous. Innocuous on the surface. Full of feel-good pablum, delivering a virtuous feeling that you are definitely man enough to stop violence against women - in fact you would NEVER commit violence upon a woman!

But one day, you actually start to think about it. You might begin to realise the nasty assumption behind the feel-good bullshit: that only violence against women matters.

Never mind violence against men. Never mind violence against children. It is all about violence against women.

Then there's the secondary assumption: that all men are violent assholes and rapists and murderers. Yes, you. Never mind that perhaps one man in ten thousand is violent or a rapist or a murderer. Because of that one man, all men are violent rapist murderers.

That doesn't piss you off? That every woman in the Western world has basically been trained from the get-go to think of you as violent, raping, murderous scum? It should. Of course, when it does piss you off, you simply confirm to all women the vicious, raping, murderous scum that you are. A very neat Catch-22 situation that validates women's opinions of you, leaving you stuck.

As you become more red-pill aware, you start to notice more of these things. The female-only perspective is the only thing that matters about everything. No other perspective matters. This is the strangely warped and twisted reasoning behind our modern society.

This is the reasoning which has special laws to protect fragile women from violence. Never mind that our society has had laws for centuries that deal with violence. Women in their fragile victimhood need special laws, to make them feel special, and safe. In fact those aren't enough, so please pass more special laws to protect her.

With this, there is no surprise that women become narcissistic. They are coddled, swathed in cottonwool, told that they are precious. That the sun shines out of their asses, that their pussy is lined with gold.

The reality is that we men start to become less-interested in helping women, dealing with women, as we become more aware of how tremendously they are favored in our society. It's already starting to happen with regard to marriage. Eventually this will translate to a disinterest in women at all.

This has already happened in China and Japan: women are hiring boyfriends. Why? Because the men are not interested in being boyfriends with these entitled and spoiled girls. Or having anything much to do with these girls at all. Never mind marrying them.

You want the illusion of having a boyfriend?

Pay me the money, honey.

You want the illusion of having a husband?

Pay me the money, honey.

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