Sunday 1 December 2013

PostSecret once more

As time goes on, these become ever-more the same. You begin to realise how much like sheep women are, how interchangeable they are, and how bland and banal they are.

Let us begin with our banal predictability.

Your family pretends well. Yes, women are this blatant.

Oh God, fattie-encouraging Beta to the core. It won't stop her from cheating on you when she gets bored.

Show me!

Poor bastard caught in a sexless marriage. Wait, that's too empathetic of me. Go have an affair you stupid fucker.

Most women's lives are banal and boring. This is why they crave drama and romance - it lightens the tedium that they drag around them in their cloud of futility.

Betcha you were smoking-hot at that time too. Bulimia is your best friend, skinny girls.

Almost. Romance will do that to you. They have a pill for that now.

Ah yes, classic! Girls absolutely love phone-sex, it turns them on more than you can believe. It can start from a quite innocent sexting...until she has her fingers up her pussy and is squealing in lustful delight. Men, cultivate a deep and sexy voice just for this. Your penis will thank you.

End of a good weekend, feeling a little mellow now - enjoy these moments when they come, for they are what is good and lasting in life.

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