Thursday 19 December 2013

PostSecret Times

Here we have it again, the last week's PostSecret reveals of the female psyche.

Pervy chick fantasising about children. If a man was doing this it would be "ewwww!" and creepy to the max. Not when a woman does it though.

Safely dangerous hah! So women decide to do the Eat-Pray-Love thing and go seeking adventurous men - aka adrenalin-junkies.

Don't put a ring on that ho's finger, mate.

Hypergamy, fucking another girl's guy. Always worth doing over your frenemy, isn't it.

Shouldn't have gotten divorced then aye. What's unusual is that the husband got custody - wonder what you did that was bad enough to cause the courts to decide that.

Now, what caused this estrangement I wonder.

This becomes less-surprising as time passes. Simply interesting, forensically examining the poison in society.

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