Monday 30 December 2013

Christmas PostSecret

Running a little late, here is our Chistmas edition of poison:

Sounds like someone is unhappy at mom's Eat-Pray-Love attempt. Suck it up kiddo, you don't mean squat to her. You never did.

Typical trick of women, I wonder if she will attempt to seduce her Secret Santa.

I have the feeling that this is a young guy. Islam actually has some very good things in it regarding marriage and relationships, so long as you don't go down the extremist track.

Objectification, not as good as a real cock. It does get her through the dry periods though, as well as being valuable for when she hits the wall.

Meow - cat-lady in the making. Seriously, some girls need to learn that it is worth it to actually ask a guy out. They have no problems with making it plain to Alphas. That said, dimwit there needs to learn that when a woman offers a present, she's interested in him.

Funny how women are the ones who shoplift so much. Nice passive-aggressive too.

Christmas, the time of year when it is socially-acceptable to end all relationships.

"Your" Christmas bonus, this is obviously a woman using a man's money. Note that she's not mentioning divorcing her gay/bi husband, only sticking it to the wife of the man who her hubby had an affair with. Passive-aggressive hate for other women, not so much for her man.

Enjoy your dose of Christmas poison. May your eyes open to the blackness in the fucked-up soul of our society.

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