Saturday 28 April 2018

Castrating the Son

After a bit of thinking about it, I have realized certain things about the kind of low-class "women" who do weird stuff with their children. "Women" like:

* the whore wannabe soccer-mom who dressed her son in girls clothing

* the whack-job who has brought her young son up to the point where he says "I'm still homo"

* both of whom love, love, love their little childrenz scorecards...

* also those who divorce/frivorce and weaponize the kiddies in the war against the former-father

* making the man out to be so eeevil, he would repeatedly rape his own kiddies and then eat the resulting babies (no you ain't getting no child custody, you filth)

Such beautiful minds.

Such poisonous souls. (That's my line. Caught you fucker's trying to steal it.)

So overflowing with hatred and bile.

So twisted and warped, that they continue their process of castrating the ex-husband by castrating the son. Castration by proxy.

"*WHACK!* There! No filthy male behavior from you! You've been castrated now!"

And she must be sure to tell the father - and all others that she can - what she's done. All that sub-rosa foulness coming out. In the nicest way, of course - plausible deniability is still required.

Further down the line, the consequences strike:

"Why can't I find a maaaannnn!"

It's because we've realized how fucking sick, twisted, and broken you are. To the point of being completely unfuckable, let alone marriageable. Thank you for putting it out there 11,000% on display for all to take heed of.

Fair warning is good.

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  1. Single mommies are friggin' horrendous. With no man around to guide them they go off the rails quick and become completely unhinged.

    My sister went batshit, when her effete husband finally got the balls to leave her, and turned her youngest boy into mommy and grandma's bitch. Her boy is in his 30's and still lives in an apartment with him's mom, he's an artist. Isn't that cute.

    I feel for the guy, I really do. It's not his fault his mom and grandma were such selfish pricks, but he can't be helped. They f*cking ruined him.

    I'm glad I left home right after high school. I think I would have killed myself if I had stayed around them. Thank heaven for the U.S. Army, Booyah!!

    1. Yes, we need to get the hell away from home as early as possible. As you've shown - not doing this can end up with the kid being a manipulated slave of mommy & co until they kark it. At which point he will have no will or individuality to continue with life anyway.

      Indeed, the Army! Giving men one hell of a better start at life than they would have under the thumb of mommy and pathetic daddy types.

    2. I didn't get away unscathed; however, my mom was also a single mom and did her damage well and deep. I was deep into the blue pill matrix for well over a decade after i got married. The realization of the true nature of women, my wife included, was painful but necessary.

      I now feed these truths to my boys so they won't be slaves to p*ssy throughout their lives. I "lucked" out with my wife, and I tell them don't count on the same kind of fortune.

    3. Nobody gets away scott-free. The best we can manage is to get away with minimal scarring, and wounds that will actually heal to a point where we become functional people.

  2. "It's because we've realized how fucking sick, twisted, and broken you are. To the point of being completely unfuckable, let alone marriageable. Thank you for putting it out there 11,000% on display for all to take heed of."

    That and the gynocentric law system that incentivizes her shitty behavior. Starve the beast and let it die.

    1. That law system will die eventually. Eggs and omelets, masses of collateral damage involved. Might be a couple hundred years for the scum to die out though, which is going to suck in the meantime.

      The problem being these days it the useless and shitty are actually surviving - parasitizing - off the backs of the more productive. Eventually Atlas will shrug, it's starting to happen now.

  3. As I have noted elsewhere, when you see those mothers breastfeeding children who are way too old to be breastfed, it's usually a son.

    1. I just looked that up. Mother's breastfeeding their sons...well into puberty/mid-teens..."grown man sucking her breast in public"...

      Some things just can't be unread. Cracked.