Friday 1 June 2018

Opinions are like assholes...

It's interesting to talk with the Americans here as I've been traveling through the states. Inevitably one question that comes up is: "What does New Zealand think of Trump?"

When I'm with obvious Right-leaning people or military types I simply said: "While a bunch of NZers are fairly leftist, my personal leaning is towards Trump. I sure as shit don't think that Hillary would have been a good choice at all." They've all agreed, one even showed me a video of Hillary spazzing out. (Which is pretty damn freaky right there - how the fuck did she get to be a candidate? What on earth is wrong with the Democrats, to put that out there?)

When I'm with Left-leaning people (or types that I can't determine) I've been more neutral and said stuff like: "It didn't seem like you guys had many choices. Hillary didn't seem like a very good candidate at all." Which from the leftists has elicited some interesting responses.

A lot of them seem to be really pissed that Bernie Sanders was essentially shafted by his own party. A couple stated flat-out that he was thrown under the bus by his own. Those became an interesting conversation, trying to figure out why the hell Hillary was chosen over Sanders. Even the leftists were not thrilled by her.

I get the impression that if Sanders hadn't been shafted, instead had been supported, things would be very different. Trump would likely not have gotten in. (Just a personal impression, and what the hell do I know...)

Another interesting thing is when eating and listening to talk-radio in some leftist yuppie cafe (gay vegan soyboy lattes FTW hahahah!). Trump is selling out the states, he should be impeached, blah blah fricking blah.

Which simply makes me remember the old adage: Opinions are like assholes...everyone's got one.

Including me, of course. The difference (in my opinion, at any rate) is that I know that I'm a biased, opinionated asshole.

I also don't have any delusions that:

1/ what I say matters

2/ what I say is correct

3/ any of my input would be of any real value to the process

I'm totally down with that, which lets me be somewhat amused and detached about the whole thing. Besides, it's kinda funny to see the leftists spazz out schizophrenically about the whole thing.

One last night in LA, before my flight back to Aussie and then New Zealand. Relaxing, chilling out, almost done.

I will have to come back and take another million photographs one day. At least I got to meet with and talk with some interesting people. Including, strangely enough, some people from New Zealand. Small world.

I find that I especially enjoy the military people. Maybe it's because their realism matches in some weird way with my general bloody-mindedness and skepticism re the bullshit which goes on in the world. God knows, I'd never make it in the military myself: I'd likely be insubordinated out within 24 hours.

Tomorrow, I will be flying for a bit under 24 hours. Back to 3C (36F?) temperatures and wintertime in New Zealand.

I shoulda found myself a MAGA hat while I was in flyover country. Damn, bit late now.

Catch ya's later. - BPS


  1. Bernie got thrown under the bus because he was honest and open about being an outright Communist instead of trying to hide it like Hillary and other leftist ilk.

    1. That makes sense. Plausible deniability comes into play. So that's why the Democrats essentially shot themselves in the foot.

      Of course, the closet communists refuse to admit it, or maintain some serious doublethink about the situation to convince themselves that they're good people.