Monday 4 June 2018

Change For The Worse

Ever noticed how wimminz will start an argument in public, generally at the most inconvenient aka stupidest time possible?

Stated by a wimminz today, to her man, as I was buying groceries: "I'm not stupid, you know."

Actually, you are. I can tell by the tone of your voice, the look on your face, and - most importantly! - the fact that you chose to start an argument about something in the middle of a grocery store. Wildly inappropriate, you dumb bitch.

It's easy to figure why a wimminz does this, of course. It's part and parcel of weakening a man so that he caves to her unreasonable demands. Note that they're always unreasonable: if they were reasonable then she wouldn't need to resort to these dirty tactics.

The path of dirty tactics follows this general progression:

1/ starting the process in public

2/ making statements that paint the man in a bad light (like "I'm not stupid") to all and sundry

3/ further deflecting and escalating (sometimes to the point of screaming shit-fits, which I have witnessed many times - chances are good that you have too)

This is the nasty dogshit type of manipulative behaviour that far too many men give her the pussy pass for, when she pulls it out and uses it on them. Because she has them by the dick. ("She loves me!" Hahahah no she wants your $$$ and time and effort on an ongoing basis you idjit, and she's testing to see how much of her shit you will accept.)

You may accidentally succumb to this, especially in an unguarded moment. Or when you're completely exhausted. It's happened to me - embarrassing when you realise, however it's not the end of the world.

What it IS, is a fuckin' dealbreaker. 

This person has revealed that they are a piece of shit who is quite happy to fuck you around to get what they want. They have no regard for you as a person (you fuckin' slave) and they will happily do it again in the future (the bitch never changes for the better - only the worse).

Feel free to break whatever agreement she has forced you into. It was forced from you via manipulation and duress, so fuck it. It's not valid. (You'd break it if a "man" forced that shit upon you, why give her the pussy-pass for doing it? No. Don't give her what she wants. She doesn't deserve it.)

Also feel free to dump her skank-ho ass at any time, probably the sooner the better - she'll just try it again and again. While I don't personally condone abuse (like tooling her around a bit, 'cause it can get you in jail) I do understand if you want to go there.

She's always gonna get worse. No point to continuing down that path.

"I'm not stupid, you know."

"Actually, you fucking are. Don't pull those dirty shit tactics on me, you bitch. I'm fully fucking aware of them."

Good luck! - BPS


  1. The perfect response is, "Actually you are. I'm leaving and you can find your own way home."

  2. Female rhetorical tactics are nothing when compared to their evil legal shenanigans, as evidenced by this morning's Robin Williamsing of Anthony Bourdain, divorced from his 'loving' ex-spouse in 2016, in a suicide that will most likely be chalked up to 'toxic masculinity'. Determined to 'win' by any means, the modern female will only be satisfied by the complete verbal & physical destruction of their ex-husbands and their children's fathers.

    Be safe.

    1. Shit fire, not another. I just watched Popp's latest vid on Brendan Fraser.