Saturday 9 June 2018

Dying of Laughter

Strangely enough, once you get further into the Red Pill/MGTOW mindset - the lies aka toxic crap which is served up from teh wimminz just starts to make you laugh.

This particular one made me choke, I laughed that hard: 50 Things That Make A Man More Attractive (According to Women) (go ahead, it's on - no clicks from here for those fuckers).
Don't believe the rumors - women aren't just looking for abs, man buns, and impossibly white smiles (though they're all definitely very nice things). Most of the qualities ladies look for aren't even down to physical appearance, so don't stress if you haven't been hitting up the gym. Because there are just so many ways that men can be attractive, we've had to compile a mega list of 50 items. So, settle in and get ready to learn what women want. #41 is the most important according to women!
Time to translate this dogshit propaganda-shaming-hit-piece to reality:

1/ A sense of purpose. Because that can be twisted to becoming something that matches her puposes.

2/ The ability to fix things. Enjoy your honey-do list - slave.

3/ Love for his family. This can be twisted to caring for her and her womb-turds - slave.

4/ Goals and dreams. They can be twisted for her purposes - especially, twisted towards making $$$ to sustain her in the manner to which she wishes to become accustomed.

5/ Possession of some old-school class. Ahhh, chivalry is so very dead...dead, dead, dead...feminism killed it with extreme prejudice...but don't worry, she will happily train him to be an attentive slave.

6/ Communication skills. So she can gather ammunition to fuck you over mentally and emotionally for the rest of your life.

7/ Attentive in the bedroom. Though a 7+ inch dick that's massive around helps good too.

8/ Has good manners. Because the words fuck off you crazy cunt hurts her feelz.

9/ Confidence without the attitude. Not that she knows the difference.

10/ The ability to make people laugh. She's very happy to laugh - so long as you're paying the bills and otherwise entertaining her.

11/ Admitting when he's wrong. And he's always wrong, even when he's not - it's ever so nice to aver and affirm to her that you're a pussy who is easily pushed around.

12/ Intelligence. Yeah, only counts if he's easily manipulated despite his smarts, otherwise he might catch on to the bullshit.

13/ Not afraid of commitment. Not that she knows what that is. It's also really unfair when she drives him away with her bullshit - he's afraid to commit!

14/ Full of surprises. The nice ones which involve giving her expensive gifts and paying her attention, not the ones involving surprise buttsex.

15/ Cooking skills. Her having to do so much around the house - it's nice when it can be pawned off on her slave.

16/ Dad potential.
17/ Motivation. It saves her from having to crack the whip. Yeeeee-hah! Move it, slave!

18/ Unafraid to grow. In the directions that will benefit her.

19/ Loveable nerdiness. Heheheheheheh! Yeah...

20/ Good cuddles. Because it's all about her.

21/ Willingness to help out. Take out the garbage. Slave.

22/ Ability to have fun. So long as she's having fun - entertain meeeeeee!

23/ Concern for the environment. Cheap shit from China is more important - there is no environment there. At least it's not in her back yard.

24/ Loves our flaws. Her most important flaw being the extreme number of cocks that she accidentally fell on.

25/ Strong moral fiber.'s always fun to break that down, she if she can get him to cheat with her...that cock in her mouth tastes very sweet, just like victory...

26/ Courageousness. She's not gonna fuck him, but she does appreciate him doing shit for her.
27/ Faithfulness. Blindness to her fucking around helps, too. No, you can't paternity test that womb-turd I pushed out - don't you truuuust me?!

28/ A sense of protectiveness. Variation on another white-knight.

29/ Emotional stability. It's so much fun trying to break this with every load of random emotive bullshit that she can dream up.

30/ Financial maturity. Cha-ching! $$$$$$$$$

31/ Good grooming. As Popp once said: She marries the pretty-boy, and 10 years later finds out that he's gay.

32/ Patience. It's so much fun for her to jack him around. Great emotional payoff for her when he loses it, too.

33/ The ability to forgive and forget. Like those 32 cocks she accidentally fell on. Not that she will forgive and forget anything that he does.

34/ Responsiveness. He's paying attention to me! How cuuuuute! (But only if she wants to fuck him, otherwise it's creepy as fuck shit.)

35/ Curiosity (especially if it's about her and her life).
36/ Respectful of boundaries. Her boundaries - heaven help you if you start inquiring what she was doing last night with the girls with Chad.

37/ An interest in the world. Because travel on his dime is sooo much fun. Hey, is that some new dick I can accidentally fall on?

38/ Health. Only if their health levels match, and once there's a ring on it she'll pull the pin on the fat-grenade.

39/ Not afraid of PDA. You sensitive new-age guy soyboy you...oooo Tyrone over there looks extra-spunky...

40/ Willingness to say I Love You. It better be in the form of an expensive fucking ring, honeymoon, wedding dress, and 1200ft McMansion. Slave.

41/ Appreciation. You will appreciate her. She gives not one shit for you - until the $$$ suddenly hit a bump or disappear. Then you'll know all about it.

42/ Physical desire. She can always find someone else. The sex dries up once the "I do" has been said. (As one poor bastard reader of mine found out within a year. Sheeit.)

43/ Leadership skills. At work only, because that translates to more $$$ for her to spend. Don't even think about pushing her around, you male chauvinist pig sonofabitch.

44/ Authenticity. It's okay for her to play you, it's not okay for you to play her. You male chauvinist pig sonofabitch.

45/ Decisiveness. So long as she doesn't have to think and it all goes smooth and sweet. Did I mention about pushing her around? You male chauvinist pig sonofabitch.

46/ Reliability. It's always nice to have Ole Reliable White Knight to pull her out of awful shituations (spelling deliberate) that she got herself into. It's also nice to cry on your shoulder about Jesse being a bastard - before she goes and fucks him again.
47/ Integrity. Which she knows nothing about herself, but she's real happy that he's not gonna do something dodgy on her. Pussy.

48/ Domestic ability. Slave.

49/ Generosity. Hand over those $$$ fucker.

50/ Self-respect. This is to be crushed. With extreme prejudice. Slave.

After all that sarcasm and hilarity - I leave you with a toast. I raise my Grand Marnier to you my Brothers. Always, go your own way.


  1. The only way to get all of these things is to have more than one man. Which is exactly what they do.

    1. Yes. The friendzone, the cock carousel, and cheating when she's married.

  2. As usual, this stupid list is all about what men can do for women. In these twats' minds, it's always about what men should do for women, and in exchange all the twats have to do is just look pretty (and many don't even try to look pretty). I have never ever seen an article about how the twats can help men. Never. Never ever.

  3. Yup, the future contains many batchlers quietly entertaining themselves with their hobbies, financially secure, without want, while the female population goes insane from the lack of attention and love. No family life for you at the end of the feminist rainbow.

  4. It's all about heeerrrrrrr!!!! /sarcasm

    No family life for anyone at the end of the feminist rainbow.