Thursday 29 March 2018

YouTube Full Retard

From the men over on /r/MGTOW, Turd Flinging Monkey is now gone from YouTube.

Some very thoughtful comments:
SkewerSkewerNA -
Modern day equivalent of book burning.
LexGrom -
More profound, cos 1 book can be read only by 1 person at the time. No feedback loops. The level of knowledge sharing thorough online videos is incomprehensible. It's already changed the world and only speeds up
CrackingYs -
He’s still available if you search TFMonkey on Twitch.
YouTube is in Nazi book burning mode. Society is going downhill VERY fast at this point, guys. I’m actually starting to make plans to leave North America before the feminazis start burning my neighbourhood down.
This is exactly correct.

Forums and blogs are a simple system for creating a shared book of knowledge. Certainly, the content is sometimes dubious. It sure as hell ain't polished, or put into high-falutin' $20 words by some academic with his head up his own ass.

Have you ever heard of Monk's Coefficient? Doesn't mean squat to you? How about the Bugger Factor? Deliberately buggering around with something to break it - or maybe make it show up the way you want. They're the same thing.

The only difference is that Monk's Coefficient is the $20 per word academic's way of putting it. Which high-falutin' way of putting it, puts it out of the comprehension of most people who don't have a higher education (that's $30+k per year thankyouverymuch NEXT!). In comparison the Bugger Factor is 100% comprehensible to anyone. You can get the basic idea just by the name.

So the original internet was set up as a reference of knowledge. It was originally conceived as a reference library for every scientific thought of mankind. This was expanded to every thought of mankind (good and bad both - which is why you can still get Mein Kampf, The Prince, The Communist Manifesto, The S.C.U.M. Manifesto, etc in regular libraries).

The difference is that Mein Kampf, The Communist Manifesto, and The S.C.U.M. Manifesto are works of hate. You can still read the things though. Of course, you are allowed to read/watch the feminazi hatespeech female reality online too - just not the male hatespeech reality which eloquently, logically, and repeatedly refutes it.

This makes the entire manosphere a reference-shelf of examples and thoughts and philosophies that are centered around one area. You can tell that it's on-mark when the precious-brigade start squealing and crying and wailing and gnashing their teeth. They don't want people to examine those particular sets of reference shelves, because people will awaken to the shit going down.

They don't want the reference shelves even there, because it might warp unformed minds wake people up sooner.

Now that modern Marxism has trained the Left and the latest generations to use the internet as their primary source of news and as a reference (when was the last time you went to your local library for information?) they have shifted full-gear into the next part of their agenda. To recap:

1/ Cry and Scream (effective only with pussies and people without a fuckin' spine)

2/ Shadow Banning (your unpopular opinions will not be visible to others)

3/ Destroying Content (your unpopular content will not be available to anyone) <<< we are here

4/ Revisionism (content will be checked and altered to fit the approved narrative)

5/ Conformity (you will only be able to find information and opinions which are approved)

Conformity is the endgame. You will think only approved thoughts and learn approved knowledge as the Politburo allows, and we know exactly how that caused Russia to implode. Hell, the Middle East under Islam went the same way several hundred years ago.

Which is a great heads-up to what happens at the end of things.

If you have run across content which you really like, download it. If you have put up content that you don't want to lose, keep a copy. This isn't just the manosphere. Everything. Every reference book you can in PDF and EPUB format, every driver, every CD or DVD. Your photographs. Everything you want to keep. Hard copy is good too - it can't be retroactively altered.

Keep what you want to keep on multiple media. If you can, write-once the stuff. Protect it. I personally have a large HD in my PC, a NAS with mirrored drives, and three backup drives. With the backup drives: one is in a fireproof/waterproof case, one is offsite. I learned the value of this process long ago when I found myself having to rewrite some computer code that got deleted when an HD was hit with a virus - lots of copies keep stuff safe (LOCKSS, a system used worldwide by libraries).

An EMP would take me out. Otherwise, I'm guaranteed to have a near-complete copy of everything that is really important to me. Including this blog, after every post. (Especially including all my passwords - written in pen in a notebook.)

Keep yourself and your thoughts safe, brothers.

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