Sunday 4 March 2018

Vaginal Access Revoked

Here I am again, once more rehashing a Back to Basics question: What's in it for me? Hide, all you wimminz and leftists, this'll gut you like the catch of the day. (I hope it really hurts.)

For most women, the answer is: "You can fuck me." Also known as vaginal access and prostitution. Hey, fifty bucks is fifty bucks when it comes to the wannabe talent on tinder. You can also enjoy the social status of being the older man with a younger, beautiful girl.

Sometimes, the cheaper ones will say: "You'll feel good about yourself." The intangible feelgoodz of charity and helping and slightly heightened social standing are your reward - at the cost of your personal time and sweat and effort (and sometimes, dignity).

A lot people on the whole push the charity biz to insane levels. Look around you, you'll see your local ones.

Of course, charities thrive on the feelgoodz (duh). Let's quickly examine how this functions in society:

The good feelz of being the "worthwhile" sort of person who gives to others, unselfishly and unstintingly. It's a higher grade of social standing granted to those people providers (aka "good catch men") who earn enough to give to others, either in the form of $$$ or personal time. Preferably the former.

The flipside is the bad feelz of being the "worthless" sort of person who keeps his efforts for himself, selfishly. It's a lowered grade of social ostracism heaped upon those people stingy bastards (aka "cheap fuckers") who prefer to keep the fruits of their hard-earned sweat for their own personal and family use.

Note that I'm stating "men". Women seem to spend more time rather than the $$$ (unless their hubby has the $$$ to spare). I have a sneaking suspicion that many of the women who spend time on charities might be looking for a rich dude with $$$ - and that's a great place to look for 'em. If only to be a piece on the side of some rich, married man.

Being the sidepiece of a rich cock is better'n being married to low-status Bob the Builder or Sid the Street-Sweeper.

Knowing that at least 50% of all $$$ donated goes towards the "administration fees" of the charity (aka feeding some parasite) can cure you of the urge to donate. Admittedly I fell for it in my younger years, in my later years I realized that charity begins at home (aka feeding and looking after your loved ones comes first). Leave it to the rich people with millions to spare to donate some of their excess to charity, they can afford it better'n you'n'me.

At any rate, this is not meant to rag on charities and the like. More power to 'em and those who crave the enhanced social standing from becoming deeply involved with 'em.

This is to talk about vaginal access as espoused by teh wimminz.

The problem is that vaginal access is an intangible. Especially these days. It can be revoked at any time, for any (or no) reason.

Some common situations where your vaginal access becomes revoked can include:

Breaking up. It's just over. "No hard feelings, move on pal - I've already got someone else's cock in me." Monkey branching was never put so kindly. She probably tried several cocks on for size before settling on this one, too.

Separation. When a marriage gets a little stale or on the rocks a little bit. "I feel we just need some time apart for <insert some bullshit or no real reason>." Going off to see if you can still attract cock was never put so pleasantly. And so much less-risky than out-and-out overt cheating.

Divorce. When someone (usually she) realizes decides that a marriage is over. "We just weren't growing together, and if you don't grow together..." Screw you, I actually *can* get other cock. I'm going to cram as much into my cunt as possible for a while, while I search for a better/richer one than yours.

Frivorce. When a marriage is over and I'm going to get every scrap of your blood that I can. "That fucking sonofabitch <insert whatever convenient truths exist or spurious lies you can invent>." Mostly lies. Good luck paying this complete cunt her pound of flesh for the next 15-20 years.

Crazy/extreme vaginal access revocation. When she cuts off your dick ("You ain't getting no vagina from anyone! Suffer you bastard!") or kills you ("Hey, ho, nobody knows - you ain't coming home!").

Good luck keeping that vagina on tap. Your access is so easy to revoke, with minimal to no immediate social consequences for teh wimminz. (To hell with the long-term. Nobody gives a shit about that.)

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  1. I thought the most common one was rejection at the outset of the approach. Especially with this #metoo #timesup shit going around.

    1. Revocation can happen only after access has actually been granted.

  2. > Being the sidepiece of a rich cock is better'n being married to low-status Bob the Builder or Sid the Street-Sweeper.

    Why not both?

    1. That does happen, with the women who will happily cheat on their hubby. Tends to end up with various forms of divorce.

      Chances are high that the type of woman who wants rich cock is no way going to get involved with Bob the Builder or Sid the Street-Sweeper in the first place.