Tuesday 16 October 2018

Class, Dignity, Respect

Class, dignity, and respect.

Three things that this laughable excuse of a Western society loves to shit on. Especially that of Men, of course.

Why is this?

Let's start a trip down this little rabbit-hole and see where it leads us.

Looking at teh wimminz in general with a skeptical eye, a good number enjoy mucking men around. It helps them weed the Men from the boys, soyboys, pathetics, pussy-panderers, etc. For certain types of wimminz this of course is great from an entertainment point of view, plus lets them know who they can soak for $$$$ and favours.

Teh feminazis and similarly inclined ilk - who have no real power, so they scream until we throw them a bone to shut them the fuck up - get their feelz of empowerment from the process. Winner winner chicken dinner for them.

Looking at the Left, these wiperags love doing it as a power-trip. It makes them feel personally strong and empowered to tear others down. Bonus points for successful trolling aka getting someone to lose their shit. The more public the anger/humiliation reaction the better. PJEAR MAH IMPORTANTS!!!

In common, all three are doing it for the ego/power feelz.

In common, all three appear to be running on emotional highs.

In common, all three are essentially powerless.

So effectively, this behaviour is the powerless screaming and thrashing and throwing monkey-poo at everything in sight in an effort to gain the power that they lack.

So what can we Men do about this behaviour?

Unfortunately not much - directly. There are a lot of them and few of us. Further, we Men appear to have a lone-wolf mentality when things go wrong for us. We go and lick our wounds, heal, learn from the experience, and come back stronger. Determined to not let that, or similar, happen to us again. Assuming that we survive, of course.

We also don't oppose this type of warped herd behaviour as such very well, which when you think about it makes some sense. When a stampede is heading your way you don't stand in front of it, shouting and trying to get it to stop. You'll get stomped into a bloody mess. You get the fuck out of the way and let it go run over the cliff like the lemmings they are, sucks to be them.

The social herd is sure as hell in full-on-stupidity-stampede mode. The damn lemmings are heading straight for the cliff's edge, hell-for-leather and damn the bloody torpedos.

Out of self-preservation, we need to get the hell out of the way and leave them to it. Realistically it's all we can do. Once the stampede is done - and it's going to be a long time - if we're lucky, we can pick up the pieces once the dust clears. If we're very lucky, we'll have managed to keep our nearest and dearest safe.

Good luck out there.

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  1. I know how you feel. It's all I can do to keep my mouth shut in public when I witness the crap show, especially when in those places I'm forced to, by constraint of religion, attend.

    (I know I split my infinitive, it's just the rebel in me. heh.)