Friday 18 May 2018

White Noise

Have you ever noticed that teh wimminz just can't shut their fuckin' gob?

Everything that happens that might be the slightest upsetting is broadcast to all and sundry. Ad nauseum. To the fuckin' world. Most especially if it's to the detriment of a man.

It reminds me very much of No-Ma'am and The Fine Art of TV Repair.

I ran across a textbook case last night, actually. (Here in America, of course. The break is going well.) This is not to say that it only happens in America - I've seen (heard) it in New Zealand too. England. Thailand. Not personally in Australia, though I see no reason why there would be an exception.

How it came about. I went and parked my RV up at a place called Grindstone Lake, near Ruidoso NM. A nice area, reminds me of the pine forests back in NZ. It's an artificial lake actually, a dam where people can go picnic, fish, swim, etc. Also walk and mountain bike, with lots of trails. Something that I desperately need: the heat has been limiting my walking exercise, I'm literally putting on weight just because of not enough movement.

I go to start my walk, there turns out to be a wimminz in awesome form in the parking lot. Not fine form - awesome form. Dialled up to eleven.

Sittin' in the truck with the door wide open.

Full-throated bitching on the phone to someone else.

When I say full-throated, I mean looooud. I was over 30 meters away (think 30 yards, almost a third of a football field away). I could hear her plain as day.

"Reeeeereereeeeeee I'm fucking stressed out reereeeeereeereerereee I'm fucking sick of it this's got to stop rereeeeeeeererereeeeeee four more fucking days of this shit reeeeeeeeee....!" All of it with that nasty little cutting undertone that bitches can have when they're really going to town.

I turned my head and looked at her as I was walking past. Pretty good looker, IMO - for a mid-thirties bitch. Long legs, blond hair, good shape, and what probably would have been a delicately pretty face if she wasn't twisting it into the shape of her fucked-up emotional/mental state. Looked like a vicious harpy (though maybe that was prejudice on my part).

I kept walking while checking her out pretty damn obviously. She suddenly realised when I was about 5 meters (yards) away and made a lame excuse and hung up. Probably my face showed some of my disgust and she finally picked up on it - took her long enough, I was blatant as hell with the checking her out.

Goes to show: no matter how sexy as fuck she might be, someone somewhere is fed up with her bullshit.

Kept on walking. Good walk around the lake, maybe two miles - sure felt it, being out of shape, though.



  1. I'm surprised she noticed you at 5 meters out, she must be one of those rare women who actually pay attention to their surroundings.

    Just last week my son was talking to my daughter beside an outbuilding at our parish and she was telling him to keep it down people can hear him.

    He says "These people aren't paying attention, they are so busy with their dumb phones and crap they don't hear anything."

    And as a chick walks by he says loudly "look I'll show you, Hey she has a really nice butt! See she just kept walking didn't even hear me."

    I love my boy. Kid has big testicles.

    1. Thumbs up for the big balls, he's learned well.

      The Zombie Apocalypse is already here, it's called Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. Sad, for a technology that delivers 90% of humanity's knowledge to your fingertips.