Sunday 16 February 2014

PostSecret Poison Commentary

I should probably organise the names of these things better. What the hell, I'm not really that bothered. Here, let it begin:

This one's gonna cheat soonish.
Secret internet fatty alert.
Groupie band member pining for the Alpha who ignores her.
Beta - stop with the pedestal, maggot.
This one's gonna cheat soon too. I'll happily be your massage therapist.
Bitching about her Alpha. I hope he didn't make any acknowledgement.
Creepy creepy fetishist.
Pink Floyd - The Wall.
Asian chicks are hot, you are not.
Screwed up mentally, punishing her ex-Alpha by cutting off her hair. Brain-damaged to the extreme.
Pining for her Alpha. The photo is disturbingly appropriate - I wonder if she has the honesty to admit that.
You're afraid of still being a slut? But you never changed.

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