Monday 3 February 2014

FaceBook Bullshit

One good side-effect of thinning out my FaceFuck friends is the lesser volume of bullshit feminist memes (aka mindless man-hating) that gets shoved in my face.  The few remaining ones show the occasional splurge of bullshit though, usually in the form of an occasional cunty mindset:

In reference to a girl who pissed her off.

A rare moment of bitchy honesty: women never forget and are always looking for ammunition.

Another rare moment of bitchy honesty.

I'll bet that my fist is harder'n yours.

This from a man - so truthful!

You think that I think with my dick? I agree - and will actually do it more, just for you!

I do have a big dick and good credit, PLUS a six-figure income. If you think that I'm putting that at the disposal of a shitty slut with a bad attitude, then I have news for you: I can get a high-class prostitute who is younger, hotter, and tighter for considerably less.

Your mirror is broken. Good luck duct-taping that together again.

Get yo cunty ass back in the kitchen, bitches.

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