Monday 24 February 2014

The Sexes Showing Love

Men show their love by what they do for their wife. Building the Taj Mahal, for instance.

Women show their love by what they sacrifice for their husband. Making a family, for instance.

Feminism denigrates and sneers at what men do. Feminism teaches women to be selfish and never to sacrifice.

Feminism therefore shits all over the best of both sexes.

It is no wonder that modern men don't have any motivation to do things. Every time they do something, feminism has taught all women to reflexively shit all over it.

It is no wonder that modern women are so screwed up when it comes to dating. Every time they think and talk about marriage and parenthood, feminism has taught all women to reflexively shit all over it.

A mindset of hatred. Habitual, reflexive, ingrained into all women from a young age.

Men, not understanding why women hate and spit upon them - shake their heads in disbelief. They try harder - get more hatred and spitting - then walk away. While the men may not understand why, they do understand that there is no point to continuing doing anything for the ungrateful and uninterested.

There will be no more Taj Mahal's for women. There will be no homes made for women and their children. They will have to make their own homes. They will have to raise their children alone. Probably a good thing, given the types of men that women are breeding with.

Bitterness in the mouths of both sexes.
Woman: Men should forgive and forget. Not all women are like that. I am not like that. Believe me!

Man: No.

Woman: What? But I love you! Children! Marriage!

Man: No.

Woman: Why not? *blubbering*

Man: We have seen your promises broken. No.

Woman: Butbutbut- it's the truth! I will sign anything! Anything! *tears flowing*

Man: We have seen your contracts broken. Repeatedly.

Woman: I will not do that! I swear it! *more tears*

Man: We do not care about your words. They lie. Your actions are truth. One broken contract for every two men. Many men who don't have a broken contract are unhappy because the contract has been twisted away from its spirit to favor the woman's selfish desires. They are worthless because your word is worthless. Because your word is worthless you are worthless.

Woman: *breaks down crying* I have changed! I am not like that! Why won't you loooooove meeeeeee!

Man: *shakes his head at her ungrateful, manipulative selfishness and walks away to do his own thing*
And thus, civilization comes to pieces around our ears. The prudent man no longer believes a word of what women say. Women stridently tell us that we should man up. Nah, forget that noise - it's just another manipulative woman trying to get something out of you. There is nobody worthwhile to provide for. There is nothing to strive for. Only ashes, dust, a lingering bitter taste, mixed salt and bile.

Men are coming to know woman now. Her nature has changed from yesteryear. Once selfless, loving, nurturing - now selfish, greedy, deceitful. Though perhaps that was how it always was, simply held in check by marriage contracts that were ruthlessly enforced. Now they are not.

Will men "man up"? Why should/would they? When the most solemn and binding contract of a life can and is broken at a whim, there is no need for a man to waste his time and effort. It will be breached, in spirit if not outright, covertly or overtly shattered and overturned.

There is no place to go and find a woman who is not like this. All places favor women. No places favor men. The degree is all that is different.

There is no need to do more than enough to cover your own bare minimum comforts and interests. A long retirement, with the joys of children and grandchildren? Denied to at least half of men. Simply take care of yourself. It's all that men have now, ourselves are all that we can rely upon.

At the end of your life - when feeble - you might wanna take the Smith and Wesson retirement plan. There is nobody else to take care of you in your old age. You might as well do it yourself before you become too feeble and you're left without dignity in a wasted and drooling body for ten years, a burden upon all.

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