Saturday, 22 February 2014

Women Want Absolution

Women have told me some really fucked up shit that they've done. Stuff like the following - in no particular order:

• having an affair with their best friend's husband which caused the end of their marriage

• fucking their ex and two other men

• sucking and fucking six guys in one night

• beastiality

• bisexuality/lesbian curiosity (minor stuff really)

• prostitution (that was a good one - men pay to use her as a torture victim/slave, needles and knives and broken bones - she loves it, loves being a whore)

• gangbanging (and fantasies)

• sex in public

• wife-swapping/swinging

• sex with underage (and fantasy)

• rape fantasies and BDSM

• willing sex with their fathers (fantasy and real)

• pissing and shitting (giving/receiving)

• being a Lolita (sex with guys old enough to be their dad - sometimes twice over)

• desire for a sugar daddy or to be a sugar momma

• sex tourism

• drinking/bathing in cum (bukkake)

• sex in public (and fantasy)

• fantasy to be tied down spread eagled and sold to many men as a sex-object

• cum milking a man

• voyeur fetishes (watching their man fuck other women)

• orgies

• forced to orgasm until it's painful - and keep being forced

• be in a man's harem (literally)

• for their man to have many mistresses

• having other men's children (and fantasy)

I think that's enough to give an idea of the sorts of things that have been told to me in secret.

I don't know why. Seriously. Do they want me to tell them that they are shit? Do they want me to blackmail them? Do they want me to do that stuff with them? Are they asking me to absolve them of their carnal desires?

Et domne spiritu sanctus namen. You are welcome.

People...women...stranger than you can imagine. How can you pedestalize that?

1 comment:

  1. They Wanted you to tell them that they were filty,dirty and nasty, so that...

    49% would get half-turned on for being revealed at the whores they are

    49% , would be so that they could deflect their internal guilt by having a new target (you) to stand up against and lose their guilt altogether in a sea of "you can't judge me, how dare you victim-blame me" self righteousness.

    The last 2%?

    That's advertising.