Monday 3 February 2014

PostSecret Mindset

It is time again for my regular look at the modern mindset as revealed via PostSecret:

Hard to tell if this one is a female suffering from depression (1 in 4 Americans) or someone who got back stabbed.

It is well-known that women are the biggest shoplifters and thieves.

When your girl starts working out furiously for no apparant reason then she's preparing to jump ship. Dump her proactively.

What'd I write above about theft.

I'm picking that this is a sexually-frustrated chick.

Nice of you to show your ass off to the world. Come over here so I can spank it, you attention-whore.


So you can hook a man to pay that PhD off.

Pining for Alpha.

Low self-image is good - let it inspire you to work out harder.

The fact that you are so fat that you can do this is an indictment already.

Like I chainsawed my heartstrings in self-defense.

Just bang him already.

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