Monday 24 February 2014

Insane Female Paradoxes

• get pissed off when men are clingy
• get pissed off when men need to be alone


• get pissed off when women are clingy
• get pissed off when women won't leave you alone

Note that the second pair, women being clingy and not leaving you alone, are the same thing. The first pair are different behaviours rooted in different mindsets: disgust at male clinginess, and clinginess stemming from female insecurity.

An unwinnable situation for the man. I'm tempted to say: By women's conscious design.

Your only option is to walk away for good. In the end, her behaviour is calculated to do just that. One of two situations will occur:

• She will not realise what she has driven away. Only the most truly stupid and narcissistic.

• She will realise what she has driven away: "Oh! He's walked away!"

She might even regret it and try to drag you back. Too late. One chance only.

Her actions speak louder than words. If she's trying to tool you around or push you away, then she will always attempt the same in the future. It's a mental psychosis, a pattern, with her.

Only a fool will allow it in his life - only a double-fool will attempt to "cure" it. You're not paid to do that, you're not trained to do that. So you're wasting your time and effort attempting to fix someone who gets a great deal of joy from being broken. One who has been broken almost all her life.

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