Thursday 20 February 2014

Three Jobs For A Man's Life

Every man needs to have three jobs in his life. They are the basics of what will make him happy.

• one to put the food on the table - you gotta eat

• one that is a side-business that you putter around in - try to build it to a real business

• pumping iron - stay in the best shape possible

Yes you gotta eat. It's a requirement neh. Let's be honest though, most jobs - especially corporate ones - are a soul sucking bunch of nothing. Literally most times you could be replaced by a monkey. Further, moving up is impossible: the Baby Boomers are hanging on to their position with a death-grip. No surprise, they pissed away their parents and their own wealth. Now they're stuck with working until they die. Sucks for us younger ones though.

The side-business: this is the good one. It might take several tries to get one that actually grows into a real business. Keep it up, or try another. If it succeeds then you will start making serious bucks. Don't fall into the trap of "doing what you love and the money will follow" - most things won't make enough money to be worth the effort. Also be wary of "businesses" that rely on your time: you've just created yourself a captive job. Don't flat-out buy an existing business: there's a reason it's being sold.

Stay in shape. Stay in shape. Stay in shape. I cannot emphasise this enough. Stay in shape.

We men in the Manosphere give women shit for getting fat and out of shape. We say that it shows an utter lack of consideration for men, an arrogance, a take it or leave it nasty attitude. All of these are true, just look at the fat bitchy women with thin and/or athletic men. It's infuriating to have a landwhale hit on you, as if they really think that they have any chance.

The reverse is also true: if we want slim, healthy, shapely women then we must be in shape as well. Otherwise we are exhibiting our own arrogance, our own double-standard, our own do as I say not as I do. Brass tacks time: we owe these women that we are fucking, that we are having a good time with, the basic decent consideration of giving them a man to be proud of. To enjoy hanging off the arm of. To enjoy having between her legs.

Sure a short, fat, ugly guy can attract good-looking women and get laid when he's got Game. He'll probably find it easier if he were in shape, plus he's showing the woman the basic respect of being the best that he can physically be. This might be a part of why jerks get the girls: they're often well-built. 

We give fat women shit for hitting on us, as if they have a chance. Yet we don't make the common sense connect that beautiful women feel much the same when some slob hits on them. It's no wonder that they become bitchy: it's a natural defense-mechanism.

He. He. He. The folly of humanity, to get stuck in our own heads. Do try to rise above that shit and look around. It's actually sometimes worth trying to look through a woman's eyes - in small doses. The view might be surprising.

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