Wednesday 5 February 2014

Piled Higher and Deeper

Education. Ah, bliss, she achieved her PhD.

Why aren't men attracted to her? She's intelligent! She's brilliant! She achieved - yes, achieved! - a PhD!

Attracted to intelligence: no. Value intelligence: yes. Good body/genes/looks trumps a smart girl with a swollen head attitude who enjoys parading around a PhD like it were the greatest thing in the world.

Go on, bash me over the fuckin' head with your shitty piece of paper.

Real people™ know that a PhD is nothing more than the ticket to enter the race. What's more important is if she actually raced and how she did at it. Most of these tickets are then revealed to be an educational equivalent of the "I gave blood" sticker.

He. He. He.

Get back to the kitchen and make me a sammich, bitch.

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