Tuesday 4 February 2014

Female Infants and Retards

It is interesting to watch the ongoing infantilisation and retardation of women. So that you can get the picture I will break it down into bite-sized contrasting chunks:

• constant ego buildup
• whine at the slightest problems

• bitchy and shitty attitude about men
• whine that they can't find good men

• don't want anything that looks like commitment
• whine that men can't commit (projection!)

• cannot cook
• sneers at men who can cook

• cannot clean
• sneers at men who can clean

• want to be independent
• whine about work

• want to not work
• sneers at those who provide

• proclaim that their sexuality is valuable
• enthusiastically get fucked (or gangbanged) by every bad boy possible

• says that men are emotional children
• has snippy shit-fits 10% of the time between 10-40yo as she nearly bleeds to death monthly

After a while of this you start to yawn at this contrasting idiocy. You start to realise exactly how retarded these people really are, as they jump through their mental gymnastics of denial and solipsism and projection. You start to realise who is really a functional human being.

After a while you become cynical and jaded, as cum-slut after cum-slut throws her vagina at you. Eventually you start to sneer and walk away. Her vagina is meaningless, you can hire a better-looking walking vagina at an hourly rate without the stupidity and uppity and hassle.

After a while you start to realise: if she wants you, she needs to step up to the plate and offer something of real value. Something that actually warms your jaded heart.

Something like cuddling up beside you and putting her head on your chest. Something like actually being happy to get back to the kitchen and make a meal. Something like actually being happy to clean. Something like actually being happy to make a home for her man. Something like actually being happy to add value to a man's life when he is supporting and providing for her.

Something that makes her feel proud inside for doing her part.

Her alternative:

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