Monday 10 February 2014

PostSecret Banality

I find myself becoming less-interested in people - generally because most of them are banal and pathetic. Similarly, the "secrets" reveal more and more just how banal and pathetic and desperate people are.

Perhaps it's simply a sign of cynicism, yet that's the truth. At any rate, here is this weeks pathetically desperate PostSecret secrets for evisceration and commentary.

Sounds like a soccer mom high on crystal meth or P. I'd say "back to the kitchen" - only you're already there.

You could have said "no". You didn't. Slut.

Woman in denial.

I make my own Pesto also. Are you someone that I know?

The bravado of the female hamster, trying to rationalise.

Going by the card image: chick who lost big-time in girl-society.

Sounds like the chick above.

Pathetic sack-of-shit Beta maggot.

Pining for her Alpha.

A month or two ago, I mentioned that women were the biggest shoplifters. Natch.

Welcome to desperately sad women and pathetically sad men. Welcome to the poison that is our society. Welcome to The Suck.

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