Wednesday 19 February 2014

Man Stuff

Late night sleeplessness again. Funny, last night could semi-sleep through the heat and sweats. Tonight not so much.

Got to thinking about my youth, back when I hunted with a bow. Technically a recurve - this one. I bought it with my own money from working (12yo child labour haa!), hand-made special for me. Cost me a shitload at the time - this was back when money was actually worth something in New Zealand.

Probably break if I tried to string it.

Hand-painted camo pattern in black and brown.

Moulded grip.

Note the arrow-rest and black back, didn't bother with the camo brown on this side of things.

Hunted with this thing, killed stuff. Ate what I killed, tanned the hide and used it. Got bowslap many, many times!

Never had a gun, my mother would have freaked if I'd turned up with one or asked for one. This was "barely tolerable". Heh. What else can a kid with a dad in jail get his hands on.

Well, hell. Got to thinking about this again after reading C M Sturges and dannyfrom504 about guns and such things. I feel a large gap in my youthful education - I was an underprivileged kid. Had to drag myself out of the gutter into upper-middle-class, was nobody to act as a good role-model. Would have been real easy to go criminal, where I grew up was practically rural-gang-central.

Got an urge to see this baby strung again. My old aluminium arrows are long-sold, home-fletched broadheads and all. Though these days you can probably buy better in just about any hunting store.

Once I get back from a trip in a couple months - time to learn about guns. Maybe back into this again too, tho not enthused. The Hunger Games, lots of me-too wannabe's out there.

I hate posers. Be real.

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