Tuesday 18 February 2014

Avoid Single and Divorced Moms

I ran across this, it's entirely true - decided that it was worth putting out as an example of exceptionally good advice:

The Rough Guide To Single Moms

In my experience this dynamic is 100% in play all the time. Single mommies just can't cope. With anything.

My theory is that it's because becoming a mommy wasn't a priority in their lives, so they never thought about and learned the actual logistics of doing it. At this point they suddenly realise that they *do* need a man - any man will do - to help and provide for her and her little womb-turd(s).

Divorced moms with kiddies have a similar though slightly different dynamic: once they're single they suddenly realise that they have to do it *all*. While they can sponge monetarily off ex-hubby, if he has the slightest spine at all he'll tell her to go to hell if she starts asking for stuff to be done. (I have personally seen an ex-hubby ordered around by his ex, doing shit for her, car and house maintenance, paying for bills, etc. Sackless fucker. The memory still makes my balls shrivel and climb up into my body-cavity.)

She can only call upon her list of friend-helpers to a limited degree - eventually the answer becomes "fuck off". Family is more tolerant, assuming that they live nearby. So she'll try to snag another man fairly soon, with all the wiles that she can manage. Don't be fooled. This is another predator after your time, money, and energy.

Many state that the hubby was "abusive" - a nebulous word that can mean a great number of actually-minor things. Another ploy to pull on your heartstrings. Unless she's been through a domestic violence center and been relocated to another part of the country: this is utter bullshit.

You might wonder if the friend-helpers network is bullshit. Nope. Saw it with my own eyes, one of my early LTRs. So-and-so is going on a date, let's babysit for her. She needs her fence fixed, the roof looked at, etc. Eventually you click and cut that dynamic off - or just end the LTR. The latter is easiest on both your ears and sanity.

This all said, you can get a few months of damn-hot insane sex from single/divorced mommies. They're desperate for a new man to leech off, quite willing to do nearly anything - for a time. They know that the only thing they bring to the relationship is their pussy and will use it ruthlessly. Just remember: once you're snared, the dynamic changes tremendously and you get much less sex and time to enjoy yourself.

Your time is valuable. Be careful of how you use it. Don't let any leeches try to suck it away.

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