Saturday 1 February 2014

Men No Longer Intervene

I think that we have gotten close to a critical turning point:

Woman Beaten To Death

When men will no longer intervene to save a woman from the violence of other women, then we are starting the slide downhill. So here's the happenings:

• bad neighborhood

• pretty Vietnamese-American girl

• 5 (Hispanic) women kicked her to brain-death

• others stood around and watched without attempting to intervene

Now let's have a think about why any males who were there might decide not to intervene:

• 5 women are hard to stop - you literally would have to cripple or maim them

• the 5 women doing the beating probably have male friends there in the crowd - a knife in the back is likely

• it was a shitty neighborhood - emphasis on "hood"

• if a man gets involved he's probably gonna go to jail regardless - if he survives

• the vast majority of fights are started by women - yet typically it's the men who get involved who are arrested

Simple self-preservation is why this pretty girl wasn't helped. She wandered into a bad area of town on her own bat, the only men there are the bad men. They don't give a shit about her - unless they get to stick a dick in her. Once that's done they no longer give a fuck. A sweet thought for all you girls who get the hots for the dregs of society.

I will state that if I'd seen her getting beaten to death, I'd not have helped either. Stupidity has its own rewards, as exemplified in the Darwin Awards.

Think of it as evolution in action.

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