Wednesday 13 March 2013

Woo Girls - The Narcissism Years

You've seen these slores (that means "slut-whore"). These are the skinny, sexy girls who get into the middle of the dance-floor and start yelling and screaming and doing the "woo!" thing that these cunts do. Generally with hands up in gangsta signs, doing the duckface/blowjob lips thing. Usually so pissed that you could fuck them up the ass with a rolling pin and they would enjoy it.

Did you know, these girls don't change as they get older.

Yes, they put on a veneer of respectability.

Yes, they become "accomplished" in their work (usually admin - yay for letter-writing and filing, you know your ABC's!).

But get them drunk...


Fuck yeah, out in the middle of the dance-floor, shaking that (fat) ass, screaming and hollering, having a fine old time! (Warning: sarcasm meter off the charts.)

Because the Narcissism Years never ended.

They just got covered up a little.

They still think they're "all that".

Got news for you cunts.

You ain't all that. You never were. Only thing that fuelled your delusion was the weird-ass attention from the losers that you weren't attracted to.

"If they love it, then this is the way to be! And wow, that hot boy is giving me the eye - I'm gonna get some cock tonight!" Indeed you did, railed and rooted until the cows came home. It never clicked that you were just a good-time girl, playing with a good-time boy. One who would never stay.

Twenty years down the track, the hot boys are gone and only the bad habits remain. With a thin covering to hide them - until the alcohol dissolves that away.

The weird boys that you now settle for are either deluded as to your past (you didn't really tell him how many cocks you took in cunt, ass, mouth, hands and tits). That or they are stupid enough to think that you've changed.

Those "WOOO!"s that you put out inappropriately? Endearing! They really make you attractive to him - in his mind, he is now worthy of a WOOO-girl.

Pity that you're washed up.

If the average man wasn't brainwashed by a lifetime of lies, they'd see right through you. You'd only be getting cock, never any investment or commitment. And you'd be begging to gobble cock and swallow semen, so you can buy a sandwich.

I'd say that life's a cunt...redundant though. Enjoy the drops of black poison, drink them down with your semen cocktail.

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