Sunday 7 July 2013


Last night I'm at a birthday party for a 40-year-old guy. Most of us are dancers, all the girls are merrily chattering away in their little cliques, etc.

One of the older women beside me asks why I'm not with a partner.

So I talked with her about how hard it is to tell who's available, what they're actually like, and then point out the way that they're all in their little cliques chattering away merrily - and that you are made distinctly unwelcome if you intrude upon them. It is actually an imposition upon them to intrude and ask for a dance. That is their attitude.

Then I spoke of the politics that has gone on, and that anyway many of these people were the "older school" who have found themselves a "partner" and you never see them at dancing any more. No kidding about the politics, it has made a huge mess of the dancing scene where I am. She caught the point about that right away.

What I didn't mention was the old saying: the crap that I'd be getting would not be worth the crap that I'd be getting. Once you get older, that becomes your main consideration regarding women. The crap is never worth it.

She might be able to suck a golf-ball through a garden-hose. There's a lot of other shit problems in her life, which is why women who do not get married by the time they're 40 tend to remain single - unless they can somehow manage to latch on to a retarded rich man who loves lapping up her runny shit. Or get a clue about reality (won't happen for this generation, they're too entitled now).

Case in point, a woman I know who is single has a child who is going down the criminal path of life: he steals anything and everything. Cops involved, youth rehab involved, nothing is deterring him. So there is a reason why she's single and will remain so: nobody with a shred of sense is going to invite her criminal son into his life. Her son is making her miserable and will do so until she dies.

Nobody is going to invite a source of misery into their lives.

There are a lot of 30+ single women out there, with bastard spawn of other men. They will become miserable hosts to a lot of cats. Meanwhile, us bachelors will have a quietly awesome life, with only the occasional contact with miserable and desperately horny women for sex.

You women have a problem with that? File a complaint with the department of reality. It gives a fuck.

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