Wednesday 17 July 2013

Men laugh, Women cry

In China they are combating the epidemic rise in divorce with a simple expedient: the buyer of property gets to keep it. This is overwhelmingly the man, since most Chinese women absolutely refuse to marry unless their husband-to-be has a home.
major reason why the new law is regarded as unjust by most women is that in China men, or their parents, traditionally buy the family home. Indeed, many women will refuse to marry until that happens.
It is such a custom that tying the knot with a man who doesn't own a property is known as a 'naked wedding'. But as house prices have accelerated, there is now a widespread perception that some women have been marrying solely because they know it will guarantee them the right to half the home's value if they divorce.
You know what this is a sign of, don't you. Golddigger maximus.

Now that this road to personal riches has been taken away from them, they're having a little passive-aggressive whinge about it. From one of these sack-of-shit women:
"It doesn't take into account a woman's contribution to the family, and especially the raising of children," she said. "In order to take care of my son and give him the best possible environment to learn in, and to allow my husband to concentrate on his work, I gave up my job two years ago to be a full-time housewife. Everyone in the family has benefited from that: my son, my husband, my parents-in-law. But I don't see any recognition of that in the new law."
The 36-year-old and her 10-year-old son are now living with her parents. She has no cash to buy a new home, even though the apartment in Beijing she lived in with her husband is valued at two million RMB (£200,000).
"My husband's parents bought it when we married. It's in my husband's name so he and his parents-in-law are saying that under the new law I am not entitled to half of it," said Mrs Zhang.
"My lawyer thinks I can get maybe 200,000 RMB (£20,000) based on money I paid towards the mortgage. That's ridiculous, because I think the effort I put into the marriage is priceless."
Poor likkel princess, boohoo that you can't steal from your ex-husband and his parents their hard-earned fucking wealth. Two generations of effort that you can no longer thieve and use for your own personal pleasure without restraint.
Lets be fucking blunt, divorce is supposed to be only for women who get into totally bad situations with their husbands. Situations where it literally means their lives and the lives of their children are at stake. To when it is literally so intolerable that having no money is preferable to continuing a marriage the way that it is going.
Then you cunts got greedy. Then you cunts decided that it would be better "for the children" if the mother had default custody and the use of the family home and ongoing payments from the ex-husband to help you cope with the strain of being a mother bringing up children on your own. Then you cunts turned marriage "'til death do us part" into a contract that you constantly entered in bad faith, knowing that you could exit it at any time with a load of wealth.
Because you're too shitty to actually be a worthwhile mother and companion, a worthwhile parent, a worthwhile example to your children and your friend's children.
Go fuck yourselves, you worthless cunts.

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