Saturday 27 July 2013

Women (n., p.): Obsolete

One of my lovely little pleasures in life is reading Dilbert. Sarcastic, witty, amusing as hell, I see it all happening in my work and in real life. It's fucking amusing.

This one is absolutely hilarious.

A woman, saying that she's not sure what function men serve in the modern world. She has all the money that she needs (thanks to men making government work). If something in her house breaks she either fixes it or hires someone to fix it for her (probably a man). If she wants a baby she calls a fertility doctor (probably a man). Her gardener mows her lawn (probably a man).

Yes, she's totally independent of men.

The last panel of the strip shows Dilbert with a robot woman - a totally rational decision. As an engineer he can do everything that he needs, including making himself a pleasure-hole.

Now to paradoxically turn things on their heads.

Because women nagged at men to make their lives easier, we invented things. The vacuum cleaner, the washing machine, the dishwasher, the clothes dryer. Decent and healthy cooking isn't that hard, and we can do all the yard-work that is necessary.

We have made women obsolete.

All this thrashing around, anger at men, etc is just their subconscious panic and flailing at having lost their only utility to men: that of dick-in-hole status. Frankly given the nasty quality of available women out there, I'd rather hire a hole than bother picking it up at a bar. In that light Dilbert's mechanical woman is completely rational and sensible.

Most women are not worth talking to, let alone anything more.

I will leave you with one final video to drive the final nail into the coffin (h/t to JudgyBitch):

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