Friday 12 July 2013


Any breakup with a woman needs to be quick and decisive.

This could be as simple as walking away from a bad friendship, through breaking up from a bad STR, MTR, or LTR - all the way to divorce, after a marriage of whatever duration.

Understand, a breakup of any type hurts a woman. They're not *used* to rejection, their princess little minds cannot fuckin' cope with it. This is why they get all bent out of shape about it when you refuse to take them home and fuck their brains out. "Are you gay?" Et-fucking-cetera. No, you simply don't want to fuck them.

Breaking up is the ultimate in rejection.

It fuckin' hurts them, they cannot cope with it, and so they strike back in whatever manner they can - preferably as painfully as possible.

They will cry, moan, whine, whinge, shame, and beg you to take them back - all the time preparing to stick the knife in for revenge. That, or they'll just stick the knife in and twist as hard as possible.

Real-life example: "I'm amazed how something so minor could make you so cold towards me. Glad it happened sooner rather than later." A shaming attempt designed to draw me back into dialogue with her, testing my resolve, so that she could draw things out more and fuel her desire for drama and maybe get back with me - so that *she* could do the dumping, or fuck me around.

The normal reaction for the un-clued-in would be to respond - with perfect truth and logic - that it was her bullshit spiralling out of control that pushed me away. This is a mistake. She isn't interested in the truth, or logic, or the like - only in how she feeeeeeels! This feeeeeling needs to be taken out on the source of pain, drawn out as long as possible, dragging you into it to drown alongside her.

The clued-in realise that the above is nothing more than another manipulative attempt to keep me involved and arguing with her, defending myself from her bullshit accusations. The sensible Man looks at that, recognises it for what it is, laughs, and ignores the attempted manipulation - and in fact doesn't bother to respond at all.

Guys, being engaged by this shit is really draining. They do that deliberately - just like wearing you down with constant nagging until you give in *just to get them to shut the fuck up*. It's the woman's MO. Your only defence is to show them the door ASAP.

Close it behind them.

And never fucking allow them inside it again, even to say hello.

Lets be clear here: I mean absolutely and completely no fucking contact.

Because otherwise it becomes a situation of constant *negotiation* - one which is always twisted around to benefit her.

Piss on her.

This is about you. Your choice. Your peace-of-mind. Shut the door on that worthless cunt - that's what she is, else there'd be no breakup - and do not talk to her ever again.

It you're divorcing, use the fucking lawyers as a go-between. Tell the lawyer straight up-front that this shit is what you're hiring the motherfuckers for, and if they don't do their job - if they let that cunt near you or talk to you, even via telephone - then you will get a different fucking lawyer. It keeps the bastards honest.

At any rate, breaking up with a woman quickly and decisively is the best thing for you. Less bullshit to put up with, and who gives a damn about the carping from their brigade of cliquy female hangers-on. THEY weren't the ones who broke up with this cunt, and in fact it's a great indicator that they shouldn't even be involved with her.

That, or they're the same as this cunt was, in which case you are well-warned to stay away from THEM.

At any rate, once that dumping info gets around, other girls will realise that you take no bullshit from any useless cunt. This may intrigue them, and certainly warns them to be on their best behaviour should they get involved with you.

This female MO poison - and how you can potentially use it to your advantage - is happily revealed to you by BlackPoisonSoul. You are welcome.

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