Sunday 14 July 2013

Anonymous Flowers and Golddiggers

Over the last week or so, an ex-fucktoy has been dribbling all over Facebook about her "new man" and how wonderful he is. In its way this is quite amusing and instructional to watch.

How it started: anonymous flowers.

You can tell right from there that this is some pussy-whipped weakling of a man. Instead of being forthright and stating that he likes her, he sent anonymous flowers. There is no better way to tell a woman: Here is my wallet, I am happy to pay for your pussy as though you are a common whore.

Women will accept this too, so now he will find that he is paying for all sorts of things all the time. You set the precedent, bud.

At any rate, the flowers drove her mad for a short time - she was emoting all over Facebook about feeling creeped out and gabbling about how someone had better let her know who it was. Eventually the guy "confessed" to her and their "relationship" began. During the week it's been little dribbling snippets on Facebook. This weekend it's a gushing post about what a fantastic weekend he treated her to.

I predict that his wallet is a LOT emptier than it was.

Guys, never pay for any shit for a woman in the beginning. That stuff is for special occasions only in long-established relationships. When you start it at the beginning, the woman goes straight into golddigger mode and stays there.

Understand that ALL girls will do this if given the opportunity. This is not just applicable to short-term relationships, it happens in long-term relationships and marriages also. When you open the door to the golddigger, it is practically impossible to close it again. Only the end of the relationship will end the vacuuming of your wallet.

So, it is never a good idea to open the wallet in order to appease or attract a woman. It simply feeds the beast, and no matter how deep your wallet is, the beast's rapacity will always grow to match and exceed it. Basically, you do not have her true respect. Only a facsimile while she sucks your wallet dry in the process of making herself happy with costly experiences.

It's all about how she feeeeeels.

Look at Nigella Lawson, no respect for her husband Charles Saachi. When she made it publicly plain that she had no respect for him: divorce. That golddigger killed her golden goose out of greed and arrogance. He knew the score, no respect = no relationship of worth. Get rid of the worthless whore and find a better model. There'll be another with some respect for what she has - at least for a while.

So, I watch this dribbling stuff on Facebook with a great deal of amusement. I wonder how he'd feel if he knew that the slut he's paying for, had 19+ orgasms with me for free. Several other guys also, as well as women.

A prime sample of the black poison in our society. Always keep it in mind.

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