Tuesday 19 January 2016

Privacy and Self Protection

I've just finished two books, by JJ Luna:
  • How To Be Invisible
  • Invisible Money
These two books are essential reading if you happen to be a MGTOW who wants to go full Ghost. Even applied to a lesser degree by an ordinary person, they are useful simply to protect your own privacy (ie from lunatic stalker women or lawsuit-happy motherfuckers). Also be aware that unless you actively work on having some privacy people can find out whatever they want to know about you.

We have no privacy in our modern society. In fact the younger generation have no concept of privacy: they're a stream-of-consciousness everything dirty that should be private is put up for the delectation of others plus for the next 100+ years of public scrutiny on Facecrap mess. Drunkenness, drug use, sex, whatever.

("We Still Kill The Old Way (2014)" - a movie of how some shit youth gang video'd a beating that killed the victim, put it up on the dark web, and then got tracked down and killed by the victim's brother and cronies. An underrated movie IMO, I recommend it.)

Like insurance, setting up for privacy requires preparation. Luckily it's actually quite easy for you guys to do over in America, I'm gonna have to take some time here in NZ to see what I can manage. My options are limited. Here's some basic things you can think about:
  • You want a PO Box that is not linked to your real address.
  • You want cash that nobody else knows about.
  • You want a bank account that nobody else knows about.
  • You want a car not linked to your name.
  • You want a home not linked to your name.
The first book goes into the details (I'm sure you can figure out how to get both books anonymously). This is just the cliff's notes of why, what for, etc.

Asset protection. Seriously. America is a bunch of lawsuit-happy nutjobs. If there's an accident, they decide to check you out and find that you have assets, *bang* lawsuit. No assets, fuckit, they won't waste their time.

Privacy. Suppose that crazy stalker chick tries to find out where you live. She's going to have to go to a lot more effort than just looking up your name in the phone book to find the address, phone number, whatever. Even when it's unlisted it can be tracked down legally or illegally. (I've had this happen myself, luckily ending up well. Even so I didn't like finding out that literally anyone could get my home phone number and address so easily.)

You may literally have to up-stakes and move out really fast. It could be for a job opportunity elsewhere. It could be to get away from some *real* psycho bitch or crazy bastards who've decided that they're going to harass you for shits and giggles or to drive you out of an area or whatever. (Anyone who starts out saying something aggro like "let those pieces of shit try it, I'll..." has never dealt with real crazies. These fuckers just do not care. It comes down to a choice of: 1/ move with no forwarding address, 2/ kill them as tracelessly as possible. And while the cops cannot/will not protect you from harassment, they sure as shit will hunt you down and throw you in jail for murder.)

So you need to be able to get OUT. As tracelessly as possible. Minimal footprint. Which means that your day-to-day life also needs to be as traceless and minimal footprint as possible. Only your nearest and dearest that you trust absolutely actually know where you live and have real phone numbers. Nobody else. Nobody else visits. Work only knows a PO Box and a physical address where you used to stay a long time ago. No girls are brought to your place. You don't have parties. You toss your burner phone regularly.

You can see why this is more for MGTOW going ghost. It would cramp the PUA lifestyle something serious. That said, some of it would be of great benefit to them also.

How To Get Started:

Pay cash. This ensures that you don't leave an electronic footprint of purchases. Remember that while all banks and ATMs have cameras, we're not assuming that you're on the criminal side and running from the law. You just don't want some asshole Joe Public sticking their nose into your (electronic) private affairs. If you bought it cash there's no electronic record of *who* and *what* and *where* that money went.

Put cash aside. A diversion safe is easy enough to make at home, you can pay cash for a wall safe and install it yourself somewhere unusual. Leave a small amount, say $50-100, in the top drawer of your bedside cabinet. A burglar (or your thieving fucking girlfriend) will go to the master bedroom first, check out the drawers, grab the money and split - most likely without destroying anything or looking anywhere else.

You don't need much to start with. A simple $20-50 a week will build up over a couple of years to be quite substantial ($20 * 100 weeks = $2000, $50 * 100 weeks = $5000, etc). Being a Man you are going to be naturally frugal - it will build up surprisingly fast.

If you want something in another bank-account, the same principle applies. Build up some cash (say a month's worth) and deposit it. No electronic transfer, no way to trace it. Simple, easy, no problems at all. (Note: Do not check the account via internet banking. Even if SSL is private - debatable - there's no way to disguise that you've gone to X bank's website. If things go sour, someone official will end up checking and will get answers.)

Women waste everything. We know this. Never allow her to know that you have a stash at all, let alone how much or where. Shred everything, preferably at work so that she'll never dream of it's existence. Seriously consider having two or three different stashes, just in case you fuck up and one is revealed.

You Want Options:

These things are easily doable if you have options. However, you may find yourself in a situation where you don't feel that you have certain options. Particularly if you're in a shithole marriage without full control of your finances and you want out - or at least, you want options rather than being stuck forever as her yes-ma'am, yes-ma'am, three-bags-full-ma'am slave.

Don't despair, it's time to get sneaky.

The chances are high that you (the man) do a substantial amount of shopping by yourself because she's too lazy. Families (two or more people) also eat a shitload, often shopping for food 3-4 times a week. An extra $10-20 can come out every trip, just throw away the receipt in the garbage at the store and stash the cash. She will not know.

If you're paying cash for meals, the occasional $5-10 notes can quietly disappear. Very effective if you eat out because she's too fucking useless to cook and insists on takeout/drive-through/dining out a couple of times a week. (Or more...)

Refueling the car: families seem to find themselves gassing up quite a lot, 2-3 times a week. Probably because cupcake has a "lets go out and eat/shop/whatever" mentality, plus going to visit her friends, and taking the kidlets to school/doctor/ballet/rugby/whatever. An extra $5-10 a time will not be noticed, especially these days.

Add those three situations up: $10 * 3 spending situations * 3 occurrances each = $90 a week that is off cupcake's radar. That's a substantial nest-egg of $9,000 over two years. You can probably get a helluva lot more, plus extras: bonus checks that are cashed, under-the-table jobs on the grey/black market, moonlighting, get inventive. She doesn't know exactly how much you got for doing such-and-such on the quiet for so-and-so. She doesn't even have to know you're doing stuff on the quiet, it could be just another bloody late night working or chewing the fat with Bob.

You can probably get a beater car or motorcycle for less than $1k (anonymously), get it roadworthy for $1k (cash repair), and still have $7,000 cash money for gas and food (with mobile shelter too if you get the car). That's good enough if you decide to pull the pin and get the fuck outta dodge.

Going Scorched Earth Option:

Let's say that cupcake has decided to go full-apeshit-frivorce on you. She wants the house, car, kiddies, alimony for life, files charges of domestic violence and ongoing rape, she "fears for the children", the fucking works.

You decide: Fuck this.

You go the whole hog. Lawyers, lawsuits, delays, mental and emotional stress that gets you fired (ongoing so you're unemployable or suitable for only light employment), the works. Suck down every damned cent of the family assets in fees and lawyers and shit. NOTHING left. NO alimony 'cause you have no income. MINIMAL child-support that you'll somehow manage to scrape together with odd jobs here'n there.

You still have your hidden assets, you can still get money on the grey/black market, etc. You can still have a fine life. You can still get the shit outta dodge if you want. All these options are still open to you.

Sneaky Nuke The Cunt From Orbit Option:

Let's say that you got eyes, you can see the shit-storm coming down the fuckin' pike. It's time to pre-emptively and sneakily nuke the cunt from orbit.

Empty out as much as possible of the bank-account. Gamble some of it away, stash the rest. Nobody is gonna be tracking how much you lost at so-and-so's casino.

Max out the credit cards (if she hasn't done that to you already). Same shit different day with "gambling" it away. Buy some stuff that is worth something (or stuff you already own that is worth something), sell it to a really good friend for a dollar. He sells it on to another really good friend for a dollar. ("I don't have it.") Once the shit-storm dies down in a year or two you can go buy it for a dollar from them. No trace, no comeback, you gambled it away. (Just keep it outta sight.)

So cupcake has the house and contents (selling that shit from under her would probably be considered malicious - not advisable). You're living on a mate's couch - and you are expected to pay cupcake's mortgage. Not a problem if you happen to live in one of those states where jingle-mail is allowed. Mail those fuckin' keys in to the bank, her squatter ass is their problem now. (Make sure that you have the original keys and documents and that she only has copies. Preparation is key - pun intended.)

So the credit cards are maxed out and I hope that you got your dues out of them. Understand that those are unsecured debt, just like any other loan (you did get a loan, didn't you?). You don't have to pay them - despite the motherfuckin' bullshit mores of society. Let them lay, just like the mortgage. Go bankrupt. Fuck it, you still have your hidden stash.

Notice that these actions are concealed and appear to be passive. You're not deliberately fucking cupcake over. You just got yourself into this bad situation that snowballed...cupcake was probably right to kick your ass to the kerb...

Best part: you're taking her down as sneakily as possible.

What About The Childreeeeeen:

The nasty sticking-point. If there are no children, then anything goes. It's between two adults, one of them carefully prepared (you) and one of them brainless but with lots of legal and social advantages (her). You will covertly win - even though you publicly lose - and you will bounce back way better than she ever can.

If children are involved, you have a very hard choice to make. No matter what they will be caught in the cross-fire. She will turn them into weapons, using them ruthlessly against you in an effort to cause you maximum emotional pain.

At this point you have nothing to lose by being a nasty piece of work and fucking her over to the bitter end.

Whatever happens, the children will be hurt. Whatever happens, you will almost certainly not gain custody. Whatever happens, you will most likely not get the visitation rights as you are entitled to and were agreed upon - she will likely do her damndest to keep you away from them. If she chose to play the "I fear for the children" card then you will never see them until they are whatever legal age, probably 18+ - yet still be expected to pay for them.

Understand, no matter what, your children will *not* starve. The government will not allow it, that would be political suicide. The government *will* pay your ex a certain minimum, she *will* get food-stamps and the like (in the USA). If for some reason she neglects the children (assuming she's that type) then they *will* take them away from her.

If you literally have nothing (known) left anyway, then you might decide that you may as well nuke the cunt from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

It's also better than being a meek lapdog, taking it up the ass from all-and-sundry while the children watch - minds being deliberately poisoned - as they develop contempt for you as a person...

On that rather grim note, good luck with your preparations for privacy and a possible new beginning in life. Later.

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