Monday 18 January 2016

Personal Filters

So here's a few filters that I've generally used when it comes to teh wimminz. Bluntly, these types are not fuckable in my mind:

* underage or far younger than I am
* stunningly good-looking
* smokers
* alcoholics
* crass
* dirty/filthy (physically)
* backstabbing
* manipulative
* game-playing
* drugs (prescription or illegal)
* medical issues (physical, like being gluten-intolerant)
* depression
* crazy (NPD/BPD etc)
* heavy/visible tats
* piercings (especially tongue/nipple/clit)
* excessive jewelry
* pants/shorts
* over-slutty
* career girls
* any whiff of feminist mindset (which is damn-near all of them)

The reasons range from direct health (cigarette smoke makes me nauseous plus messes up my lungs and makes me susceptible to bronchitis - borderline asthma and hayfever is a bitch), through lack of interest (underage doesn't turn me on), through to emotional and mental and physical self-protection. As you can imagine, 99.9999999% of girls do not make it past these filters.

The few who I've made exceptions for and let through have invariably caused me way more hassle than it's been worth.

In many cases, a girl passes the visible filters and then opens her mouth and the red light starts flashing with the klaxon "AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!" going off at 120+ decibels.

Most of these things are self-evident to any thinking man. A few need some explanations:

Stunningly Good-Looking: In my personal experience, every girl that I've met who was an 8+ has been seriously crazy in some manner (entitled, BPD/NPD, whatever).

Crass: If she has a worse potty-mouth than I do, it's a boner-killer.

Medical Issues: It's a flat-out downer trying to go out with a girl who is incapable of relaxing freely and doing the things you can do (fat girls just can't keep up physically with my lifestyle, gluten intolerant girls have to be anal about what they eat, etc).

Excessive Jewelry: This is a signal that she's on the prowl, all that jewelry is something shiny to attract the attention of Men. It's also a sign of self-centered narcissism and indiscriminate (often bad - like shitty tattoos) taste.

Pants/Shorts: Great way to signal that she expects to be the one wearing the pants in the relationship - thank you Feminism. Girls in short-shorts are also sluttifying themselves up. Especially watch out for camel-toe, it's always deliberate.

Career Girls: Apart from the deeply-internalized "you can have it all" message from Feminism, she just can't keep the career attitudes out of her private life. She might act absolutely submissive in private, yet you'll be surprised at how quickly a shit attitude can show up when she gets annoyed.

Make your own filters. The more strict I've gotten with those filters, the gladder I've been as my life is less-disturbed by bullshit from women and what they laughingly consider relationships.


  1. At 47, this is too much work. Why work for something so hard that gives very little to zero in return? In a sense I am glad that I am invisible to women because they are not worth trouble and effort. I like the peace of mind and solitude it brings.

    1. I'm almost 50 and it is definitely too much work. Once my current one goes I will probably shut the door and not bother with 'em any more.

      In fact, am currently working on becoming a bit more self-protected and invisible. Not full-on ghost, simply becoming a bit more private and dropping off the radar.

  2. It doesn't matter how much else you've got going on. If you won't stand to be manipulated and exploited and can't be trapped in some way you're the enemy of all women. They will hate you. What if that poison spreads to other men! OMG!

    Keep up the good work BPC.

    1. Yes. If we're not easy prey, fuck it, the women'll go find another man who is easy prey. They're lazy and we're all interchangeable anyway.

      A constant self-appointed task. Pointing out the elephant in the room, the fact that the Emperor has no clothes, exposing the black poison in the soul of society.

      Speaking of the Emperor having no clothes - only a kid could have pointed that out with impunity. An adult, they'd have been hung'drawn'n'quartered, and it would have become mandatory that everyone wear the same clothes. Which is pretty much the mentality going on these days.